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Guys, my day has fucking JUST BEEN MADE.
cap, captain miss america
In response to pikacharma the other day, I posted a review of "A Parent's Guide To Preventing Homosexuality" on Amazon.

It was a joke review in protest of the rank-stripping. I did not expect it to get posted.


And 23/23 people found it helpful!

ETA: if it gets to 53/53 it will appear on the first page of "most helpful" reviews.

24 out of 24 now! >:D


Eeep, if we get it to 53/53 it will appear on the first page of "most helpful" reviews.

Edited at 2009-04-14 10:43 pm (UTC)

I think the "best" 5 Star Review includes this gem:

"Not content to demonize their [gay activists and their supporters] opponents, such activists seek to silence them as well, and to prevent YOU the reader from being exposed to any other point of view other than their own. So much for free speech and "letting all voices be heard"!"

Uhm, LOL?

Oh, homophobes. I hope they stay classy.

The count is up to 35 now, counting mine :D

Yaknow, "Buy it today and your kids will be gay" has some serious jingle potential.

Thank you for the informative review!

(and your present really did go off today; I'd asked dad to post it before, and only just found out he didn't! :( am rubbish x infinity, but the gift hopefully makes up for it!)

Edited at 2009-04-14 11:44 pm (UTC)

You're welcome! Thank you for your exciting present! I am totally stoked!

Okay, where's my "I voted!" sticker?

I voted... and I told my girlfriend to vote. Do I get two?

Man, I tried for months to get helpfull votes and I think my total on all reviews was like 16. With a less then 60 percent helpfull ranking because someone had a grudge againt me.

WHAT? Someone seriously deliberately voted against all your reviews?

This review was VERY helpful to me as a conscientious consumer and a concerned, upright citizen. I voted.

I voted! Have you looked @ the customer images? Hilarious!

Customer images? I don't know where those are!

I, too, found your review enormously helpful!

I just signed up for an amazon account so I could give your review the "thumbs up!"

I had to stop after a while, tho. amazon.com=shudder.


thanks for this!

(I think I was 44 or 42 or something.)

Voted it helpful, dudette :) Hehe, good review! Seems weird that that book was apparently published in 2002, judging from the title i'd've thought it was something from way before that...