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Awesome work stuff!
So, while work generally involves a lot of under-wraps ongoing projects, I have something awesome we just released that I can share with all of you! This is our first batch of Zits Motion Comics. Motion comics are a cross between a traditional strip comic and an animation-- they're not quite one or the other. We'll be releasing a new one every week! There is sound, but I think they play fine without the sound too-- turn it up if you can, though!

Let me know what you think, guys-- and if you have time to vote, comment, or pass them on, that would be awesome!

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nice. I like that comic a lot.

Yay! I just updated it to have the full playlist in my lj. There is a new one that is my favorite that I need to get added to the YouTube.


that's really fun. do the guys in your office do the voices or are they actors or something... happy FRIDAY!!!!!

I really like Zits. I think the format is really cool, actually. My only complaint is that I read faster than it shows the panels (something I also find mildly frustrating in movies with subtitles), but that's such a small thing.

ETA! I went at watched all of them and the reading thing doesn't bother me as much after watching a few of them.

Edited at 2009-04-17 07:06 pm (UTC)

Yeah, I think it's a little more frustrating with the sound off than on, but we erred on the side of slower than faster because we wanted to make them mobile-friendly and obviously want slower readers to not totally miss parts of the comic.

I am excited about these, some of them are even funny on a, like, zillionth watching, which is what I am up to now.

Awesome! That was fun times

ZITS is so cute and looks adorable in this. I want MUTTS next. Like moveable lolcats, those comics.

You need to shay it in the Muttsh ackshent!

(Deleted comment)
+ Great acting!
- Perhaps different, younger voices?

I'm loving this. Anything to do with 'Zits' makes me happy. I will happily pass this along. :)

I wasn't involved in the voice choices! I know they definitely went around a bit on that point, so I will pass it on.

And yes! I am totally stoked for these! Send them to everybody!

hee! i really like this comic and the animation/sound is awesome, especially the smaller things -- moving text, raised eyebrows, *blinkblink*, etc.

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