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Princesses and Queens
cap, captain miss america
quizzicalsphinx and I had a really awesome conversation last night that ranged through the following topics:

--The last Imperial Family of Russia
--A Little Princess
--The 'Alien' movies
--Movies about aliens
--Alice in Wonderland
--Tess of the D'Urbervilles and Deirdre of the Sorrows
--The Films of David Cronenberg
--Alien/divine pregnancy
--The Nativity

You can kind of see how this conversation might have progressed from Point A to Point B. It was incredibly awesome. You know how sometimes a conversation will just break beyond the norms of what you might normally speak about? This was one of those. So I wanted to open it up here to more people.

Please vote in the poll:

Given the choice, I would rather be a:


And now, please answer why.

I realize this is a bit gender-specific. If you are a guy, please answer what you think you would prefer if you were a girl, because people don't necessarily think of princes and kings the same way they think of princesses and queens.

I vote princess because I have a fear of being "the boss"

As a princess, I have the opportunity to watch, listen, etc., so that, when the time comes God forbid, I'll be prepared.

Also, while there's probably more stress in being a princess, there's also a little more leeway when you screw up royally.

Also, if the option is available, I think I'd rather be the younger princess, because then it's all the duties with none of the ruling ;)

I'd rather be a Queen because a Queen is always viewed as adult, and usually viewed as powerful. A Princess? Sometimes, sometimes not.

When you were a kid, did you fantasize about being a Queen or being a Princess more often in make-believe?

I'd rather be a queen- large-and-in charge, holding inherent power, and not afraid to be a bitch to get things done.

I'd be a princess because Queen is a job description, and it's the kind of scary serious job where people depend on you, and that is not so much fun to me. But if I am a princess, there is always the possibility for being Queen later if I want to settle down and rule the country properly. Meanwhile, I can go do princessy things.

Princess, for the same "I don't want the full responsibility" reason others have mentioned. (Though I'd rather be a Senator than either. At least they get term limits.)

Princess, definately. I used to pretend I was one when I was totally sure nobody was around. Being a Princess has a much more romantic image to it, although if I was being a REAL princess who had to spend all her time doing tapestry and such, I'd probably shoot myself.

I said Queen because as a Princess, I would be far too annoyed with things not going the way I wanted and not really being able to change that.

Princess, because I suspect it would allow for more personal freedom/travel time. I could suspect wrong, though. XD

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I am so not surprised. I wanted to be Pa Ingalls.

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I was actually thinking about that when I was making the poll-- about the role of priestesses, enchantresses, etc and how they fall outside this dichotomy.

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Queen would just be way more badass. Plus I think it would be a bit annoying to be a 'princess' later in life...I would just find it a bit annoying to be viewed as so juvenile. Princess = juvenile to me.

Plus - I like the idea of being in charge and your face gets to be on the money!

I always really used to hate it (and still do) when my dad calls me Princess, because I suspected that he was calling me spoiled. Plus, it was way too sugary.

I'd want to be a Queen so I could wear stupid hats and yell at people.

As a kid, I played with toys a lot, so I never did the Princess/Queen thing. I'd play Horsey Soap Opera. Or cowgirl. Or some mix.

You never played Horsey Princess? Like, I had My Little Ponies AND Matchbox cars, but I still played out fairytale shit with them.

(Deleted comment)
Crown Princess, thank ya! Then I get to do all the fun frilly princess stuff, but eventually get my turn to rule the world. :P

*totally cheated at this question\broke the premise*

Wait, actually - are we talking Queen Regnant or Queen Consort here?! If I'm just a queen by marriage, and my official duties are having good manners and birthin' babies to inherit the throne but I don't get to do any of the fun ruling-the-world stuff myself, then HELL no. PRINCESS 4 EVA. I'll be the unruly kind that kisses frogs and invites gypsies to the royal ball. Queen Regnant, however - NOW we're in business. Start out as Crown Princess, learn the ropes, make some connections, then when it's time to wear the crown for realz, I'll at least have some idea what the fuck I'm doing, and hopefully have rounded up some trustworthy advisers to assist me in such gravely important world-ruling matters.

All things considered though - I think I'd make a better court jester than a queen OR a princess. :P

That isn't breaking the question! That's actually the underlying premise-- being Princess is about potential, being Queen is about having already achieved potential. So being Crown Princess would be about having very goal-oriented potential. And how come the people picking princess aren't voting in the poll?

I want to be the princess and go on adventures and have a pet dragon and three unicorns and a best friend who is a talking fish.

But seriously. Princess.

Queen, because the Queens in Wonderland always tickled me. Princess has negative connotations for me, and seems like what spoiled little girls were called by their parents.

I know a girl whose real name is Princess! I think it must have been a fun name to have as a small child, but now she's nearly 30 with 3 kids of her own and I wonder how she feels about it.