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From heidi8
cap, captain miss america
I have other stuff to report on, but just wanted to pass on this link:

The Rush Limbaugh crowd is deliberately trying to freep a poll on MSNBC judging President Obama on his first hundred days: they are telling everyone and their mom to vote him a grade of "F."

The poll is not limited to US residents.

I don't want to tell people to just go vote him an "A" if you don't think he deserves one, but go vote honestly on it.

I never get the point of these kinds of polls. You would think after, like, 1998, people would have realized that open internet polls are basically just a way to see who is most invested in manipulating results.

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Ugh, I'm already sick of the Limbaugh crowd bashing Obama just to bash him. Especially after all the coverage of those ridiculous teabag protests.

I wanted to vote "A" just to combat the "F"s, but I voted a "B" instead in the interest of being honest. I think Obama's doing a pretty good job, all things considered.

That's how I voted also. I haven't been following all of his policy, but I know he's done some things I'm pleased with, and some things I'm not happy about AT ALL. At least he's actually been working instead of on vacation like *ahem* somepeoplethatlimbaughsupporterschose.

Yeah, precisely. I think a B is probably the correct assessment. But I don't expect someone to get an A in their first hundred days-- just like you don't expect an A on your first paper in a college writing course.

Yeah, that is how I feel about it, too.

This poll is ridiculous, as are people who believe anything can be magically fixed within 100 days. Both Democrats and Republicans put President Obama on an impossible pedestal, as if he could press an easy-button and get us out of the recession/war/etc.

If I were to vote so far, I would give the Obama Administration a B- : Allowing the Republicans to slow him down and cause mass panic among easily-agitated people; he, the Treasury, and the Fed didn't handle the bail-out as carefully as they should have; the potential inflation we could face as a result if the Fed doesn't take care of this; allowing states to talk of secession without consequences; letting states cut funding for education and even shut down schools; etc.

The Republicans would get a D : acting like a bunch of children who didn't get their way, instead of actually doing something useful; believing tax-cuts can solve our problems; Failing History Forever; using the term "tea-bagging" with a straight face; etc.

I don't really blame his administration for the handling of the bailout-- most of the serious problems came from the way the Bush Administration had handled it previous to Obama taking office and it was more that it took his people too long to get a good working understanding of what happened. I think once the stuff came out, most of his attempts to get it under control were good. I do think states have the right to talk about secession-- seriously or not seriously-- I consider that a protected freedom. And the schools thing is difficult because of the way things are structured right now-- states have almost unilateral freedom where it comes to schooling, which is part of the whole problem to begin with. Other than that, I agree with you. But I'm disappointed that he's not prosecuting anyone for torture. So I would be more likely to give him a B.

I would fully agree that a good portion of President Obama's troubles rest on how President Bush handled his own bailout. I just think he, Geithner, and Bernanke should have had more regulations in their own (AIG had a hard time learning).

I believe talks of secession are treasonous, but we'll have to agree to disagree on that one.

My opinion on secession may have to do with the fact that I would kind of rather see people leave the Union if they're going to be wankers.

And that our country is founded on the treasonous talks of secession from the empire.

Ha! I kind of agree when you put it that way.

I think my issue with the secession comment is more that when Democrats do anything Republicans don't like, they "hate America". But Texas loooooves America so much it would rather secede than accept bailout money? Ooo-kay.

Well, that, and the Republicans ran a VP candidate whose husband was actively part of a secessionist group.

I think it's certainly hypocritical to claim to love America and then say you want to secede, but I do think that's a bit different from refusing people their right to free speech. I frequently love my state more than my country. My state has the third largest GDP per capita in the US. So when states whose GDP per capita is lower than the national mean and who pay $3,000 less per capita than my state want to bow out? Dude, rock on with your bad selves.

allowing states to talk of secession without consequences

There shouldn't be any consequences to a state exercising its right to discuss secession. This country was built on statements and declarations of secession, to create consequences for that would go against the entire point of the U.S.

Everyone on ontd_p said it was /b/ doing the F votes.

Oh, well, we all know how much /b/ loves teabagging.

You know, I don't consider myself a hardcore liberal, or even a liberal at most, but holy crap am I sick of Limbaugh. I really don't understand his angle. I just don't see what kind of progress he promotes.

Holy crap 40% rated an F? How much of these people take the time to consider what their government does aside from being "OMG THE OPPOSITE PARTY FROM ME!!"

Yeah, this is the reason that my dad is no longer a Republican, because of people like this.

I don't even think they're considering anything, they just hate Obama or do whatever they're told to do. It was at 43% yesterday when I posted this, with 32% A. So clearly people have been voting in response, because the A and B columns have been going up. I think his actual performance is probably around a B-- he's made some mistakes but seems to be doing a solid job mostly-- but I think a lot of people who might have otherwise "fairly" voted a B or a C-- people who aren't completely happy but still fundamentally positive-- are giving him an A just to counteract all the Fs.


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