tea berry-blue (teaberryblue) wrote,
tea berry-blue

Art! And a story

So, skirmish_of_wit posted a day or two ago about some WTFery goin' down in Sir Walter Ralegh's biography.

I copied these quotes from her. The first is from the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography:

"However apocryphal, Aubrey's raw tale of how Ralegh pleasured a scarcely reluctant maid of honour against the trunk of a convenient tree, gives a flavour of the man's power, and, ultimately, his weakness."

And then she searched down the Aubrey:

"[Ralegh] loved a wench well; and one time getting up one of the maids of honour up against a tree in a wood ('twas his first lady) who seemed at first boarding to be something fearful of her honour, and modest, she cried, 'Sweet Sir Walter, what do you ask me? Will you undo me? Nay sweet Sir Walter! Sweet Sir Walter! Sir Walter!' At last as the danger and the pleasure at the same time grew higher, she cried in the ecstasy 'Swisser Swatter Swisser Swatter.' She proved with child, and I doubt not but this hero took care of them both, as also that the product was more than an ordinary mortal."

So I thought it needed to be illustrated!

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