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Okay, Bad Art Meme, go!
cap, captain miss america
childish drew me this!

This means now I have to do the meme. Comment here and I will draw you a picture of one or two of your interests. A bad picture. Since I'm on Mac, it won't be in MS Paint, but I will try to do it justice.

Other things:

I had a nice weekend doing stuff with my mom and dad. Mostly my mom, though. Friday, I went out to Long Island and we had sushi (my mother and I, my father doesn't eat "ethnic food"). Saturday, we all got up super early and drove to Philly, where we went to Monk's, a Belgian beer place. We had frites and beer and I had a duck salad, and then we went to Capo Giro, which is my most favorite gelato place in the US. I HAD FOUR FLAVORS OF GELATO, PEOPLE. Actually, eight, since my mother gave me like half of hers to finish.

Then we drove the rest of the way to Delaware for my cousin's 60th birthday, and I got to see a bunch of my other cousins, and that was fun! And then we drove home! I was completely knackered by the time we got in and I went to bed earlier than I do on work nights.

In the morning, my mom and I went for a drive and wound up walking on the docks in Port Washington and going for falafel and kebab and then we went to Homegoods on a whim...and I totally found exactly the table I need to keep my scanner, printer, and sewing machine all stored. My mom has it in her car and sometime soon I will get it from her! My mom also gave me some of her old jewelry so I can work on mission: accessorize.

I came back into the city and then comes my next bit of story to tell you all about.

Okay, so this is kind of lame but kind of interesting. I grew up in a community where the water wasn't really potable. Every year, they would have to send out this mailing that basically said the water was safe for washing and that it was okay to drink, if you:

Were over the age of 8 and under the age of 65.
Were not pregnant or planning to become pregnant.
Were not breastfeeding.
Did not have a compromised immune system due to medication, cancer, HIV, or other autoimmune problems.
Had two working kidneys.
And a bunch of other stuff.

Basically, the water wasn't safe to drink. So I grew up on bottled water. The problem is, because the actual tap water really could make you sick, I ended up with this psychosomatic problem where anytime I drink water out of a tap, it gives me a stomachache. Even filtered water! I know it's perfectly okay, and I am aware that bottled water is coming out of a tap, too, but it is all in my head. I don't buy teeny ridiculous bottles of water; I always buy the one or two gallon jugs so that I'm not being horribly wasteful, and I always recycle. But I decided that I would make an extra effort and switch to filtered water, especially since I live somewhere with some of the best tap water in the world.

So yesterday, I bought a Brita thingy to put on my sink. And I put it on. And...it keeps falling off. Like, every time I turn the tap on, it falls off. I have tried unscrewing it and rescrewing it and I am not even sure what to do anymore. The worst part is, every time I try to fill a pitcher of water, it falls INTO the pitcher, and then I have to fish it out and now the water is not exactly clean, filtered water, you know? Has anyone else had this problem? What did you do to fix it?

Growing up in Long Island and having a well that wasn't safe to drink from (too much iron), I can completely sympathize with your tap water issue, I had the same thing for years! Now, oddly enough, I can't stand to drink from water held in a plastic container, because I always think I can taste the plastic somehow. The hell!

And I can't drink soda from cans because it tastes like metal!

And I hope you ate those Belgian fries with mayo, the proper way.

Of course! Do people seriously eat frites with ketchup? I don't even eat American fries with ketchup; ketchup is gross.

hahaha professor moore could teach parseltongue

I want picture!

Also, I am mad jealous of your gelato having. Which you know, but it is worth saying again. Mad. Jealous.

I am just going to have to go console myself with interesting flavors of ice cream.

We can go again this summer when you are not in the Yukon!

I know this advice is no good since you already bought yours, buuuut maybe the brita pitcher would be good. That way you would would feel like you're drinking from your fridge and not your tap (and it wouldn't keep falling off).

I'll do the meme if you want!

No, I wanted the filter because the pitcher really doesn't hold a lot of water and is also not useful for cooking!

Gelato!!! It's been toooo long, gelato! Once I had lavender flavored gelato! P:


And uh >>


This place had lavender gelato last year! This time, I had SINGLE MALT SCOTCH gelato and pamplemousse and lime cilantro and Thai coconut!

Huh. Have you gotten someone else over to try the filter?

I don't know anyone who lives close enough to me that I can ask to just come over to try it!

I just don't bother with the Brita filters anymore. My dad spent the better part of a day trying to put one on my sink. He eventually did manage to get it on, but it took friggin' hours. We had one Brita filter thing that kept falling off of our sink at home. Or so much pressure would build up behind it that the thing would go flying off into the sink and water would go everywhere.

My latest Brita filter got a bigass crack down one side and started squirting water into the electric socket behind my sink unless I turned it away. After dealing with that for a week because I couldn't be arsed to go to Wal-Mart when the crack appeared (for a week, no less), I decided, "Screw this, I don't feel like taking this crap off my sink and trying to put on the damn water filter again," and I wound up buying a pitcher with the same stats.

But I drink no-sodium carbonated water that I get at Wal-Mart for like $0.60/bottle. I DO NOT KNOW WHY I LIKE CARBONATED WATER. But that's seriously the only kind of water I drink (unless I'm out -- then I use the pitcher. The pitcher water is mainly for my cat and sort of for me because I hate the sink tap ones).

I WANT A PICTURE OF ONE OF MY INTERESTS which one is it going to be I wonder. I should cull my profile of uninteresting interests, except I'm lazy.


Do art of me reading a book and/or painting, please!

You don't get a picture of you! You get a picture of your LJ interests!