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(no subject)
cap, captain miss america
Here is some art for evil_laugher:

1) If anyone else wants some bad art based on your LJ interests, please comment on this post

In other news, my dad totally called in between every single contestant on American Idol tonight to see what I thought of them. I think he was lonely. It was very cute.

You folks all already got to see the baby bunny that was all on its lonesome in the yard when I got home from work. It was the cutest little thing but I was sort of worried for it. I've never seen any of the baby bunnies on their own; the babies are always with grown up bunnies. And this one was really teeny still, it was like five or six inches not counting its ears. I took a couple photos of it, and then I left to go back out, and there...it was NOMMING on a corn husk. So cute.

Work continues to be awesome. I have a bunch of projects keeping me busy now that I am very excited about.

The heat! Oh! So because it is hot, I have had to start taking out my sandals. And I usually don't do that till I have a pedicure. I don't ever get manicures; they mess up my fingernails which are long and healthy on their own, but I love getting pedicures in the summer. I went and got one today after work-- the amazing thing is that the place across the street from my apartment is a full ten dollars cheaper than any of the places near work. I intended to go at lunch but when I saw the prices, I nixed that idea. So now I have robin's egg blue toes. I always get my toes painted colors that are a bit outre because I feel like, well, pink and red are so done and toes never match your outfit anyway. So blue it is, for the next few weeks.

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We have very similar pedicure philosophies. I really need to get mine done... <3<3 for tea, and bunnies!

<3 <3 <3 they are like two shades lighter than our first matching color last year! Of course we have matching philosophies! We pick the same colors!

Same here! re: pedicures

I rarely opt for something staid there. In my book, toes are for fun. Mine are currently this sparkly green shade of loveliness. <3

Green was under heavy consideration!

I completely agree about nail polish colors (my toes are blue too right now and my fingers are yellow). Pink and red are fine, but there are so many colors in the rainbow :DDD

Exactly! And it would be one thing if you were getting a color that matched everything, but red and pink really don't! There's no real reason why they're the standard colors except that they're GIRLY.

it's been freezing here lately. the forecaster even said the S-word. (ends with "now") DON'T SAY IT!!!!

we've had a couple of warm days but spring doesn't generally hit up here until May or mid-May. I agree with you on toe-polish colors. red is over done and doesn't match with anything. I usually go for some kind of plum-colored thing.

and I wouldn't call your art BAD. *sigh* please - art is never bad. I will comment on the other post cause I want Leverage art. with Christian Kane, ALdis Hodge, and Parker (whose name in real life I can't remember right now...)

hope you're enjoying the sun!

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