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cap, captain miss america
I am sorry I haven't done more of the bad art. I had a freelance thingy come up and things I get pad for > bad art.

But I haven't forgotten. Mostly because I have an awesome idea for evilprodigy's bad art. Anyway, here is one for liret. I am going down the list in order. So! You can tell where you are on the bad art list.

I wanted also to pass on a link from amaskforophelia, who posted about the Real Life Lysistrata going on in Kenya. Ladies of Kenya, you are so incredibly kickass.

Now, I have something I've wanted to talk about since this weekend. But first, a poll!

I believe reincarnation is possible:

It depends on the situation
Not sure

How does reincarnation fit into your belief system?

I believe in reincarnation as part of my religion.
My religion does not support reincarnation, but I do believe in it.
I do not follow a religion and believe in reincarnation.
I do not believe in reincarnation as part of my religion.
My religion supports reincarnation, but I don't believe in it.
I do not follow a religion and do not believe in reincarnation
Something else I will describe.

I believe people who have been reincarnated remember things from previous lives

Yes, but only the most recent one
Yes, but only the most important things
Yes, with a different qualifier I will explain
No (but I believe in reincarnation)
I'm not sure
I don't believe in reincarnation

I believe reincarnation manifests itself as:

A rebirth of the same immortal soul
A rebirth of the same guiding consciousness
A rebirth of corporeal aspects of a person (a reincarnation will physically resemble itself)
A transference of energy based on scientific laws of conservation of energy
Something else I will describe.
None of these because I don't believe in reincarnation.

I believe reincarnation follows a certain set path (like attainment of enlightenment or the learning of a lesson or the reunion of soulmates)

No (but I believe in reincarnation)
Only for some people
I'm not sure
I don't believe in reincarnation

I believe I have been reincarnated

Yes, many times
Yes, but only once
I'm not sure
I sometimes feel as if I may have been, but I'm not sure
I don't believe in reincarnation

I remember things from a previous life or previous lives

Yes, in detail
Yes, vaguely
No, but I get a sense of deja vu or already knowing things that I attribute to reincarnation
No (but I believe in reincarnation)
I don't believe in reincarnation

Along with this poll, if you remember details from what you believe is a past life or have experiences or opinions regarding reincarnation that you would like to talk about, please comment!

My mother told me at lunch on Saturday that she believes that I was reincarnated based on stories I told her when I was a very small child about things that she doesn't think I could have known about. She was telling me about how when I was about three or four, I used to talk about things that had "happened" to me. Now, there's the possibility, of course, that these were dreams and I was just too young to understand that they were dreams and not other things that happened, and I pointed this out to her, and she explained that the problem was that most of these came in the form of correcting anachronisms in TV shows and movies. We used to watch a lot of Little House on the Prairie when I was a toddler, and she said that I used to do things like tell her when things on the show didn't happen just as they really did-- that the way they portrayed a barn-raising was wrong, or something like that. And this was when I was two or three, so my mother would have known if I'd been read to about barn-raisings. She said I did the same thing with medieval stuff. She also said that most of the things I would tell her were clearly from a male perspective, that I talked about them like a middle-aged man and not a two year old girl. And then she told me that she didn't think I had been alive during the American Revolution.

I asked her why she thought that. She told me that when I was little, I didn't know about the American Revolution. I knew all about pioneer life, she said, and about Medieval life, and about the crossing from Europe to the Americas, in minute detail, but nothing about the American Revolution. So, she said, I must not have been alive.

And I admit, I was skeptical about this whole thing. So I half-jokingly told her that maybe I had been in a different country. Which is when it occurred to her that while I didn't know about the American Revolution, I had known about the French.

It was a wacky conversation. I have mixed feelings about reincarnation, but I do have these weird vague memories of being a traveling minister in the time period that she says I knew the most about. I don't know what it means. I was curious how the rest of you feel about the subject.


I belive the arrangement of those pies is a code.

Also, I am not sure how to answer most of the poll questions, because while I do not really believe in reincarnation, I find it the most believable form of afterlife, so I'm not totally against it. But I don't have enough of a real opinion to have a stance on the details.

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Sorry, I can't take your poll! I neither believe nor disbelieve in reincarnation. >.>

I didn't respond to anything as I don't believe in the supernatural, but at the same time I just wanted to comment with a story.

When I was 18 I went to see a psychic out of interest. She told me some amazing things, actually. One of these things was that I had some past lives, one of which was as a violinist right before the French Revolution. Now I had found this fun, but didn't believe. But a few years later I went to see another psychic who gave me the exact same story. A couple of years later I had a reading done by a university friend who, again, gave me the same story. While I still do not believe in it, I find it to be a huge coincidence that three people have described to me the same past life.

That is weird! Especially since I really don't believe in psychics. At least the ones who charge for it in shopfronts.

Do you feel that reincarnation necessarily must be "supernatural?" The main reason why I feel like the jury is still out for me is because of the scientific laws of conservation of energy and research into electrical charges maintaining a memory. Like, I don't think science supports lycanthropy or angels, but I do see a valid thread of scientific research that could someday support the phenomenon we can reincarnation.

I don't necessarily believe or disbelieve in reincarnation (I'm one of those "anything's possible!" types), but just wanted to say those stories are really friggen cool.

I believe reincarnation is more likely than the Christian concepts of resurrection, I think, which probably makes me a bad Christian, but I also haven't been to church in several years, so hey. I like the idea that the electrical charges that run our bodies could have come from lots of different places and maintained memories, which would mean that it's not a direct idea of one soul coming back exactly as it was repeatedly.

I don't know if I believe in it, but I like the idea. I think it is much cooler than just getting a harp and a halo.

I do believe in reincarnation - given that nature is cyclical and the natural world wastes nothing, reincarnation is the only kind of afterlife that makes a lick of sense to me. For me personally the jury is still out re: whether people have immortal souls or reincarnation is simply the reprocessing/reuse of parts of an individual--body, spirit, energy, that kind of thing. I lean towards something in the middle, though... ever since I was little there were things I felt that I should be able to do even though I can't, and things I have had fears of, though only once or twice have I ever had anything I would call an actual residual memory. I have definitely met people and clicked with them so instantly and deeply that I'm sure I've met them before. I guess taking that into consideration, I do lean towards the immortal-soul school of thought, though that may just be because I've been conditioned by pseudo-Christian morality in my upbringing and automatically think of souls in that fashion.

<3 I'm kind of surprised I'm the only one who's answered yes so far, given that I'm a dirty, faithless heathen! XD

There are more now! You are not alone. And that's pretty much my feeling on it. I like the idea that we get recycled. I also like the idea that I might have electrical energies not just from one person, but from many people, in me.

I totally believe in reincarnation, but that's because I was raised Catholic-Methodist-New Age. :)

I have the same thing. I used to tell my parents that I had a lot of brothers and sisters, that we lived on a houseboat, and that we drove a yellow pick up truck. My mom says that I would point to African American and Latino families and tell her that that's what I used to look like/what my family looked like.

For me, I think we're just all here to learn new lessons.

My mom has a theory that sometimes souls meet and decide who gets to do what this time around, like who marries who, who is born to who, which to her explains why suddenly you just meet people and feel like you've known them forever.

So it is like roleplaying! Only with souls! That happens in one of the Mary Poppins books, where the babies get to decide where they will go, but it always weirded me out a bit because I was like, wait, so which baby is asking to get to be the poor impoverished kid in the hut with HIV and no clean water?

I wish my mother had had the prescience to write this stuff down. She has a terrible memory and I don't remember these things because I was so tiny. So I just have these very vague stories.

Also Joe always makes me laugh. The hat makes me want to mess with him even less.

I don't believe that there is anything in a person that lives on after their body dies, so I don't think reincarnation is possible.

I'm assuming you mean with the exception of the electrical charge?

My last response is a lie because I don't believe or disbelieve in reincarnation (but I know you ran out of buttons). Your story is really curious though.

I don't know if I'd call myself agnostic, but I just don't think it matters what I believe :/ I'd like to believe in reincarnation, but I have a hard time believing a lot of theories, even scientific ones.

I didn't run out of buttons! I assumed "I believe it is possible" and "I'm not sure" was a good enough way of phrasing it rather than actively not choosing one or the other.

My feelings on reincarnation are vague at best, so I won't bother you with several comments of long rambles. But suffice to say I believe it exists, and is one of the Basic Truths of the universe. I don't think everyone is reincarnated, and while I have deep respect for a notion of "racial memory" (Not sure of a good term to use, so I'm putting this one in quotes in case it's not very... helpful) I'm not entirely sure on it.

I like your long rambles! What do you mean by racial memory in this context?

I feel like maybe my answers were a little more hardcore than I actually am.

I don't believe in reincarnation. But I do believe that it is possible, I suppose, in that I am hesitant to say that anything is completely impossible.

Also I put that I don't believe in reincarnation as part of my religion. I haven't practiced much Christianity in about six years, though, so that answer is more due to my own hang-ups than an accurate explanation of why I don't believe in reincarnation. I'm skeptical of reincarnation primarily because of my upbringing: Christianity I understand, even if I doubt it profoundly much of the time, but reincarnation I don't really get. I don't even know if that makes sense. I guess I'm prejudiced against reincarnation as a theory of the afterlife, thanks to my upbringing?

I understand that! It is funny to me though because I always had a really hard time with the Christian understanding of the afterlife, from the time I was a little kid, even though I was raised in a very religious family.

I actually thought reincarnation was a load of bunkum and would say so, loudly, up until about two years ago. This was the great moment where I got on meds and started talking to God. I will neither confirm nor deny that has anything to do with it.

I believe that we are destined to live out the same stories, again and again--that every incarnation resembles, in one or more respects, the one before it, and that the evolution between incarnations is too subtle to pick up on. I don't believe we are the same person, or even the same soul exactly, just that we will always be a similar archetype, because we are always destined to play the same roles. I don't know how or if we ever evolve out of those roles. Maybe we're the character actors of the universe.

I also believe that hell is what happens when you stop reincarnating.

Does something happen to you when you stop reincarnating? Or is it just some kind of death?

You are one of the few people I have had this conversation with before, and we've talked about the recycling of stories and the idea that we're all sort of archetypes. My mom thinks that we do evolve out of those roles-- and that part of the spiritual journey of being involves first living as a male person until one learns enough that one is able to be reborn as a woman and have the ability to give birth.

That is really interesting! I haven't had any sort of memories like that and I'd love to hear about these vague memories of yours

There are a few of them, but they're really vague-- mostly just things like wearing a minister's collar and sleeping on other people's floors. They sort of blur together, it's not like my dreams where they are heavily detailed!

OH. And when I was a little kid, I insisted on sleeping with a crucifix. Although I think that was more to keep away vampires.

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I think memory is a crazy thing and almost impossible to rely upon - I have very very distinct memories from my childhood that when I've talked to my Mum about she remembers completely differently. I don't think it's a massively far cry from that to remembering things that completely didn't happen - which I'm pretty sure that I must have done too. And no, I don't believe in reincarnation.

The issue isn't so much remembering things that didn't happen as it is remembering things that are historically accurate about a certain time period that there's no way you could possibly know because you are too young to read and live in a house with no television set before the existence of the internet, and that when your parents go to the library and look it up, it turns out to be correct.

I'm a bit odd with this. I believe in an after, and there being a sense of choice related to reincarnation, but I don't believe in there being a distinct individuality after death. I see souls as something that can split and combine, reincarnating as something different. So memories may or may not be carried through depending on how powerfully parts of that new soul have been marked by previous incarnations.

This is sort of how I see it, although I think I perceive it a bit more scientifically-- not so much that there are souls as there are whirring bits of energy.

I just think that there's no reason that one couldn't remember the past life/lives. It's just that doing so is incredibly difficult and requires a lot of self-diving to the point of ego loss. After that one could recover one's memories.

Or memories of someone else. Or the kind of memories that one wants. Really, you'd have to do a MESS of research to find out if you were full of shit or not. But I see no reason to think that you couldn't be accurate.

What do you mean by ego loss, exactly? I'm curious but I don't really know what you're getting at.