tea berry-blue (teaberryblue) wrote,
tea berry-blue

More Tesla and more art!

First, some art for foxymsmoxie:

That's Pride and Exterminate.

I started an LJ group to update on the Tesla situation so anyone interested in updates can please go over there. Jane Alcorn, who runs the Tesla Science Center, invited me to their media event on May 30, and if you are in the Suffolk County area or willing to drive, she would love to have a lot of supporters come out. That info is in this post.

I have gotten a bunch of donations, including several from people I have never met, and I am very thrilled that people are willing to be so generous when there's so much crap going on economically right now. I will pass on a check to the TSC next week and if donations keep coming, I'll write another check. I will try to do the artwork I owe people this weekend while I am in Connecticut!
Tags: art, tesla
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