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We all love Tesla.
cap, captain miss america
I finished the first Tesla pic! These are going to be taking precedence over the request art I've been doing because these people paid for their pictures.

Would people buy Tesla tee-shirts if I put these up on one of the tee shirt sites? Or prints? How about of a design like my icon?
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I would buy a tesla shirt. Especially if it also had zombies.

Well, when I get to yours, there will be one with zombies!


I would support your venture. somehow. how much money do you think you need to raise? :P :)

As much as possible? I have raised $400 but that is just me individually and I know I am not the only person raising money. The center needs 1.6 million for the initial purchase, and then is probably going to need that over again to restore the building and start up the museum. So every little bit helps.

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