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I am redesigning my website!
cap, captain miss america
If any of you have non-LJ websites that are either professional websites or personal blogs or anything like that that you would like me to link to, I would like to have a section for friends' websites, etsy shops, etc.

Please post your URL below! I am likely to only post it if you are someone I know fairly well-- eg, someone I've met or have/had interaction with that isn't just LJ. Or if I've known you on LJ for a really long time/talked to you quite a bit on LJ. If you're unsure, post anyway, but don't be hurt if I don't add you.

If you have a webcomic, I have probably already added you. If you are shaenon, I have already added multiple webcomics. But if you have a webcomic and a personal site and would like me to link to your personal site as well, post your link to your personal site!

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my grandpa's website!
Joe & I just redesigned it for him.

Awesome! I will totally link your grandpa!

(Deleted comment)
Here's my blog: http://seanrosswilliams.blogspot.com/

Look forward to seeing you and others in NYC! I hope Nikki and I have enough time to see everything we're dying to see. :D


Yeah, I told Nikki-- I don't know how much I can do sightseeing because I really have to be at MoCCA and events but I've already got invites to a bunch of stuff-- there is a party Saturday as well that should be fun! There is going to be live band karaoke.

I have a spare set of keys so I will make sure you guys can come and go when I am not around.

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