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Inaugural post
cap, captain miss america

This is my first post in my new blog. For those of you reading from my LiveJournal, I’ve redesigned my website around a Wordpress/ComicPress installation with some nifty features. You can check it out at http://www.antagonia.net.

This isn’t to say I’m abandoning LJ. I just felt like I wanted to separate out the public-goofy-internet-me from the more personal me, because many of my posts are the kinds of things I can see a lot of non-LJ people being interested in if they only weren’t on LJ. I will still be posting on LJ under lock and key when I have more personal posts to make; this is a way to open myself out to some new audiences.

I am also posting to Twitter (which likewise forwards to Facebook) and mirroring to Dreamwidth for anyone who would prefer to follow me there. If anyone would like me to add a mirror on another LJ-based blog, please let me know and I will do my best to get this up and running there. I am still working on figuring out how to mirror art posts as it doesn’t seem to be perfectly smooth.

For those of you who are new readers, my about me section will tell you more about me, but here are some juicy tidbits for now. I am a 30-year-old New Yorker, originally from Long Island. Now I live in Hells’ Kitchen and I work for King Features Syndicate, where I help edit comics. I also do freelance work as a designer and as an online community manager.

Hobby-wise, I am an online roleplayer, and I watch movies like most people drink water. I watch a lot of TV, too– LOST, Fringe, Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, House, American Idol…and I am completely stoked for the start of Glee. I love to draw and you will see a lot of my drawings on this site! I have written one finished-but-unpublished novel. I mix cocktails and cook for fun but not so much for profit. I hope that gives you some idea of the kinds of things you may end up reading here.

LiveJournal pals, please come check out my new site and tell me what you think! There are lots of Tesla shirts for sale and a big art gallery. If you would like me to link you in my sidebar, please comment with your URL.

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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Well hey! Cute art, and thank you for the link btw! ^_^

I'm scrolling thru some of your webcomic list as I clearly need some new ones. Qwantz + Diesel Sweeties are great, but I seem to have degenerated into a pattern where those are the only two I can be bothered to read.

Thanks! I can always recommend more webcomics-- that is actually a very small cross-section of what I keep up with, but I figured I had to cut it off somewhere. If you ever need recommendations let me know what you are looking for!

The text is a little small for my blind face, but you did a fabulous job with the colors and layout. It's such a huge improvement from the first antagonia that I really don't know where to start. The art, I will say, is freakin' adorable!

Hahaha you never saw the first one! The first one was in like 1999 and had lots of scanned body parts and blurry text. Thank you though! I can make the text a size larger-- I always have trouble estimating text size because my monitor is very high-res.

I saw 2003 Antagonia! Although the first one sounds... interesting!

I'm also blind, so I wouldn't base your text-size on my inability to read it.

Oh god I actually went and checked the wayback machine to see what it looked like in 2003. That was not horrible. Although I forgot that layout and it is amusing to me that I'm using the transparent bubbles in similar colors again.

The very first tag/net is not on wayback, sad to say.

Huzzah! I'm enjoying this! :D

I really like the colour scheme! Like twowishesleft mentioned I'd make the font bigger too. Supposedly 14 or 16pt is the web standard, but that sounds awfully big to me :/

The top and bottom border of your posts look funny in IE6, but IE6 is kind of crappy anyway.

Yeah, I'm not designing for IE, considering I am on a mac and don't have access to it. Thanks for letting me know, though!

I will move the font a notch bigger!

Yeah, I kind of figured. I thought there was a lot of white space, but this year I got to work with Macs a lot, so I can see it was designed for them. FWIW, it looks good on higher versions of IE :P

ALSO, your dad comic made me smile.

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