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The Yogurt Diaries #1

So, I love yogurt. I eat it usually once a day. My favorite yogurt in all the world is Liberté Mediterranée Coconut-flavor yogurt. Anyway, yesterday when I went grocery shopping, the health food store where I usually buy my yogurt had about a zillion brands on very deep discount. I mean gourmet yogurts that usually cost $3 marked down to $1.50 and ones that usually cost $1.20 marked down to $.90.

This resulted in my purchase of eighteen containers of yogurt– four of Liberté Mediterranée Coconut-flavor (on sale for $.89) and fourteen of various other brands and flavors– but only one of each brand. I decided I would try to hash out which yogurt is truly the best.

I am not using my Liberté Mediterranée Coconut-flavor in this battle of yogurts as that would be limiting myself by having a horse in the race.

However, I decided to start with another yogurt from Liberté: Six Grains Strawberry.

Yogurt-- Liberte Six Grains Strawberry

Yogurt-- Liberte Six Grains Strawberry

I recall having had this yogurt once a couple of years ago and enjoying it. It has whole grains mixed into it: buckwheat, oats, rice, barley, wheat, rye, and…no, wait, that’s six.

It smells very nice and strawberry-y, and it passed my first test: there is a thick coating of cream stuck to the top of the foil where I opened it. That to me is the first sign of a good yogurt.

Liberte Six Grains Opened

Liberte Six Grains Opened

However, I was not as impressed. The yogurt looks slightly fruity and pinkish in color, which meant I didn’t think I needed to stir it, but there was a big layer of fruit at the bottom of the container. The texture that I like in the Mediterranée wasn’t present here, either– this yogurt has more of a soupy texture and doesn’t stay on the spoon.

The grains were actually the best part of the yogurt and left me wondering why more yogurt brands don’t use grain in their yogurt– this is the only one I’ve seen that comes this way. They have a nice, tender, toothy texture and I liked biting into them. They also had a good flavor, whereas I wasn’t as sure about the flavor of the yogurt itself– the strawberry flavor was present but not very strong and the overall flavor was a bit sour.

All in all, I don’t think I would purchase this yogurt again. However, I would like to see the grain in other yogurts! It was a pleasant change. I might even start adding my own barley to yogurt– it is probably cheaper that way!

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