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The Yogurt diaries, part 3
cap, captain miss america

Today’s yogurt is called True. It is an organic lowfat yogurt from Vermont. I tried it in vanilla flavor. The price before sale was $2.19.

True Vanilla

True Vanilla

This yogurt has very few ingredients (always a plus) and seems generally pretty concerned with diet and environment issues: there is no gluten or gelatin in their yogurt and it is also lactose-free. This is promoted very clearly on the package. The package also separates completely into its various recyclable parts: the cardboard label has a handy little tab to pull it off the plastic cup.

True label

True label

There is not much cream on the foil…but, like Siggi’s, the yogurt starts pretty far down in the container. And it is lowfat. It did have a lot of liquid on the top, enough that when I tried to photograph it, the liquid spilled all over.

The texture of this yogurt is very solid and gelatinous–it reminds me a bit of the texture of a good flan. You can cut into it and it will slice, but it will not stick to your spoon. The flavor was light and delicately sweet– more like a sweet cream flavor than a true vanilla, and there was very little of the usual sour flavor you get in a yogurt- possibly as a result of the no-lactose. It was a very pleasant flavor, but I am thinking it might be almost too mild.

All in all, I enjoyed this yogurt, and if it weren’t a dollar more than the yogurts I usually buy, I would have it again, probably with something mixed in, because the flavor by itself is a bit too delicate. It isn’t quite the kind of yogurt I like, but I found it to be very enjoyable.

True yogurt’s website is at http://www.trueyogurt.com

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I love these yogurt diaries. My favorite type of yogurt is greek yogurt with cherry stuff. Like this: http://www.prnewswire.com/mnr/fage/36105/images/36105-hi-Cherry.jpg

That's very environmentally conscious yogurt!

It is! I was impressed and a little disappointed that it was so expensive.

I should probably eat more yogurt than I usually do, but it's so frakking expensive. :(

I usually just get a big tub of plain yogurt with live cultures and throw some sliced banana in with it. It's like finding hidden surprises.

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