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The Yogurt Diaries #4
cap, captain miss america

This time, I tried a sheep’s milk yogurt: Old Chatham Sheepherding Company’s Sheep’s Milk Yogurt, to be precise. It was $2.79 regular price.

Old Chatham Maple

Old Chatham Maple

I got it in maple flavor–for those of you who don’t know, which is, well, all of you, maple is my favorite yogurt flavor. If Mediterranée came in maple, that would be my favorite flavor. As it is, I was really stoked to open this one.

There was nothing at all on the cover of this yogurt, and this kind of concerned me because, well, the yogurt came up pretty high in the cup.

Old Chatham Maple Opened

Old Chatham Maple Opened

This yogurt, like True, had a sort of jelly, flanlike quality to it– it could be cut with a spoon into chunks. But this one sort of “melted” and became softer and soupy when it was left out for a few minutes– the True didn’t. The texture overall was a bit heavier and creamier than the True.

I would have liked the texture, but…well, the flavor was awful. It was almost entirely sourness, and barely any flavor. You can’t even really taste the milk, the yogurt is so sour. And if this was supposed to be maple flavor, well, you could have fooled me. The only flavor I could really detect under the sourness was a hint of vanilla…I could maybe, maybe taste maple if I really stretched, on the back of my tongue, but…I don’t know if that is me imagining things because I wanted to taste maple.

I really wanted to like this one from the package! Sheep! So cute and woolly. But alas, it was not to be. I don’t think I would buy this one again if it were the same price as my regular yogurt, but when it costs almost $3, this is a total failgurt.

You can visit the Old Chatham website, but I am not really sure why you would want to. I was surprised to visit it and see that it won awards! Maybe the judges were convinced that they would seem unsophisticated if they said it tasted icky?

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I had this a few weeks ago and was disappointed that it wasn't very sheep-y. I wonder if it's just preference or if you got a carton that was a little "off". If you want to give it another try, I HIGHLY recommend the ginger flavor- it has little bits of crystalized ginger in it!

The Siggi's had ginger in it, too, and that was very good!

I don't think this was sheepy, either-- that was what I was hoping for and why I picked it up. It just tasted sour all the way through! It really had no flavor.

Yes, but it didn't taste it at all. I usually eat Wallaby or Brown Cow Cream Top maple yogurts. Those ones are both good and maple-y.

I actually haven't had either of those

I will be reviewing both brands before I am through with this. Brown Cow is very cheap for the quality of yogurt you get-- it is not the most amazing yogurt but they use lots of yummy ingredients! They actually have a chocolate yogurt that has soft chocolatey chunks in it instead of just being cocoa-flavored like most chocolate yogurts. Wallaby is a kind of puddingy-style yogurt (they claim it is Australian-style) and comes in a lot of unique fruit flavors plus things like dulce de leche. The flavors are mixed-in, it's not a fruit on the bottom style.

I like the sound of the Brown Cow

So far, we sell all of the kinds that you're reviewing at work... you're saving me the trouble of experimenting myself!

I work at Healthy Living.

I usually only try new yogurt if we've got free samples (which is how I tried True), or if it's on sale (which is how I fell in love with coconut milk yogurt).

Oh that place looks awesome! It actually looks similar to the place I shop. I tried coconut milk yogurt a couple months ago and loved it, too-- I have a container in my fridge to review for this!

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