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The Yogurt Diaries #5

I decided that today, for the sake of completeness, I would venture into the world of major brand yogurts. When I went to the regular, non-health-food grocery store, I was shocked and dismayed by the number of yogurts that came in plain flavors– I couldn’t get a plain vanilla La Yogurt or Yoplait or even Breyers to include. I’ll try another grocery some other time, but man, that was disappointing.

I do, however, manage to buy a few bigger-name yogurts, and I’ll be fitting those in between the new kinds I’m trying. We’re going to start with the mother of all commercial yogurts: Dannon. The Dannon was on sale for $.89, while the regular price was $1.15– this surprised me, since the Mediterranée I usually buy is $1.19. But it is still pretty much one of the cheapest yogurts on the shelf.

Dannon Vanilla

Dannon Vanilla

Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking: how do you review Dannon? Well, I will try. Since I haven’t actually had a Dannon yogurt in a while and I have had all these other yogurts, I think I can compare it to those and it will work out okay.

Believe it or not, I went to look at the back of the carton, and while I expected Dannon to have all kinds of crap in it, the ingredients read like this: Cultured Grade A Reduced Fat Milk, Sugar, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Pectin. Nothing creepy. So I was kind of impressed. I wonder how I’ll feel about the Yoplait and LaYogurt containers after this.

Dannon Opened

Dannon Opened

When I opened it, there was absolutely no cream on the foil, and a lot of liquid on the top of the container– it almost spilled out when I tipped it to take the photo. It was fine after I gave it a stir, which is what you’re supposed to do with the fruit flavors anyway.

The texture is halfway between the flan-like consistencies of some of the yogurts I’ve tried and a creamier consistency– you can’t quite “cut” it into chunks with your spoon, it sticks to the spoon when scoops and stays there unless you take a large spoonful. It pretty much has the consistency of a nice pudding.

The flavor is mostly just plain sweet. You can taste the vanilla but it is more sugary than vanilla-y. It has a little sourness but not in an unpleasant way.

Dannon was not the best yogurt ever but I was pleasantly surprised by how it stands up to its more expensive counterparts. It tastes more like a dessert and isn’t for someone who doesn’t like sweet yogurt, but it will do in a pinch!

My second yogurt of the day is the one that I am the leeriest of. It is this:

Shop Rite Traditional

Shop Rite Traditional

That’s right. Shop-Rite Traditional All Natural Lowfat Yogurt in Vanilla. The price? $.79, my cheapest yogurt to date.

I am okay with using store brands of some things, like Cranberry Juice Cocktail. Other times, the store brand is just kind of gross. Part of the reason this worried me was because this is the only yogurt so far that I can feel spilling on the foil top from inside the contained when I tip it. However, the ingredients are as reassuring as the Dannon ones: Cultured Pasteurized Grade A Lowfat Millk, Sugar, Nonfat Milk Solids, Vanilla. Whew.

So, setting apprehension aside:

Shop-Rite Traditional Opened

Shop-Rite Traditional Opened

Yeahhhh…that’s a lot of liquid! It looks like the yogurt is just floating around in its yogurty fluids in the container…

The Shop-Rite Yogurt is a little more flan-like than the Dannon. One problem is that even stirring it, it doesn’t quite ever get rid of a slightly lumpy consistency. The lumps melt once you eat it, though. Like the Dannon, it is mostly sweet and sugary, although it actually has a bit more of a vanilla flavor than the Dannon does. It tastes a little bit fakey-vanilla though, in spite of the container’s claim that it is all natural. I am wondering if that is just a side effect of the sweetness.

Overall, the Shop-Rite yogurt isn’t horrible. Not as good as the Dannon and I would probably prefer to buy the Dannon, but if you are on a tight budget or need yogurt for cooking or something, you are not going to go cross-eyed from eating Shop-Rite yogurt or anything like that. It is perfectly edible unless you really don’t like sugary foods.

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