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Everything Is Better With Chickens #1: Raiders of the Lost Cluck
cap, captain miss america

So, this weekend at MoCCA, I had a conversation with quirkybird in which the phrase “Everything’s Better With Chickens” got bandied around. It started with her drawing the chicken in the front of my copy of Bite Me! and ended with me telling the story of my roleplaying character, Pepita Bawkbegokk, who is a fairy princess who lived as a chicken for 200 years. Anyway, this is an attempt to see if everything really is better with chickens.

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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Yay! There will be moar chickens.

Especially if they are Sinister Chickens. Or Ominous Chickens.

I personally like Firechickens. Of Doom.


sounds like a rockin good time!


(maybe ZOMBIE chickens? who are also ROCK STARS?) just a thought!

That was way better with chickens.

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