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The Yogurt Diaries #8: Soy Battle!
cap, captain miss america

I’ve gotten sick of eating super-sugary grocery store brand yogurt, so now I’m trying something from the opposite end of the spectrum: WholeSoy & Co Vanilla Soy Yogurt. Compared to the other yogurts I’ve been eating, this only has 12 g of sugar, while most of the big brands have had between 24 and 31– darn, I wish I had been keeping track of the sugar in the first few I tasted. So better in that category, but– and this surprised me– it is significantly higher in fat. The La Yogurt, which had the most ridiculous amount of sugar, was 15 calories from fat our of 170 calories. This stuff is 25 calories from fatout of 50 calories. I don’t particularly care about these things, but I know some people do– the sugar is of more concern to me, personally, because too much sugar icks me out.

Anyway, the WholeSoy & Co is regular price $1.19 in my grocery store, but I got it on sale for $.89.

WholeSoy & Co Vanilla

WholeSoy & Co Vanilla

The top– let me just say, this top was kind of hard to pull off and it didn’t come off in one piece. The foil has another layer of plastic beneath it. Good for protecting yogurt, not so good for those of us still incapable of figuring out child safety locks.

WholeSoy & Co Vanilla Opened

WholeSoy & Co Vanilla Opened

The texture is really nice. It’s very creamy, with no lumps, and it falls somewhere between the flan style and soup stype– it’s not solid, but it’s not about to fall off my spoon. It’s pretty close to Dannon in texture. The flavor is still actually pretty darn sweet, even with half the sugar of the top commercial brands.

Of course, this is not dairy yogurt, and as such, it does not really taste like dairy. It is made with soybeans and it has an overwhelmingly nutty flavor that is nothing like the flavor of dairy yogurt. It isn’t a bad flavor, but I actually think the fact that it has very little of the traditional yogurt sourness means that it actually tastes too sweet, it doesn’t need all this sugar to balance out flavors that aren’t present in a non-dairy product!

This is a nice yogurt and I would totally recommend it to people who don’t eat dairy or like the taste of soy. I don’t think I would eat it regularly because I prefer the taste of dairy, but it is not bad and the nutty flavor seems like it would be really good to eat with Nutella or nuts and honey. I think it would also make a great shake.

WholeSoy’s website is Here.

Since it’s tough to compare Soy yogurts with dairy yogurts, I decided to do the other soy yogurt in my fridge, So Delicious Vanilla.

WholeSoy & Co Vanilla

WholeSoy & Co Vanilla

This one was $1.09 regular price, and I’m not sure if it was on sale or not. And crap! It has a lot of sugar. 24 g in a 6 ounce serving cup. Other than that, it is about the same dietary-wise as the WholeSoy & Co.

The top peels off with nothing on it, and there is actually a bit of water, which surprised me since this was a soy product and not a dairy one.

So Delicious Vanilla Opened

So Delicious Vanilla Opened

The texture is more like the flanlike yogurts I’ve had, where you can cut into it. It is very light and the texture is almost gluey, but it melts away to nothing in your mouth– a little like Jell-o does, if you hold it on your tongue. But the So Delicious doesn’t have that rich, creamy, nutty flavor that WholeSoy has– it has a very, very sweet flavor up front with a kind of chemically aftertaste– the kind that you get when you eat artificially-flavored frosting?

I feel bad, but the So Delicious Vanilla is actually kind of gross and I don’t think I can finish it. I am glad I saved some of the WholeSoy to wash the flavor out of my mouth.

So Delicious‘ website is here, and fortunately it does not leave a nasty aftertaste in your mouth. Hope they can fix that in the yogurt.

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I have been diggin' your yogurt updates. Loved every installment, and it has inspired me to try a few new flavors and to not be so scared of others (Dannon, for example). I come from the "I buy what yogurt our local market has" mentality, so it's usually Horizon / Cascadian Farms / Nancy's / and so I am slightly excited to see if Cal-i-for-ni-a carries some of better yogurts you have covered.

Regarding the soy yogurt, I have come to the same conclusion as you. I am actually lactose intolerant, but I honestly decided after trying both the whole soy co & the so delicious that I would rather continue down my regular-yogurt-eating path. Thanks for reassuring it wasn't just me overreacting to the weird tastes. Ick. I'd rather run the risk of problems or take a lactaid to enjoy yummy yogurt.

Thanks for doing these. I've been secretly (now not so secretly) enjoying them a lot. I didn't know others in this world love yogurt as much as I do. So, yay for that! The end. :)

Thank you so much! I have been having fun trying to write them up. I am also realizing there is information I should have put in the other posts.

I am working off the "buying what the local market has" scheme too, only once I got into it, I started going to a few other places to try to get other brands. I don't think I've seen Nancy's! I am aware of Horizon from their milk and cream but I don't think I've seen their yogurt. Cascadian Farms I know and I have a carton to taste but I haven't been a big fan as of yet.

I think they just put too much sugar in the soy yogurts! The So Delicious one was pretty awful and has been the only yogurt where I couldn't bring myself to eat more than a couple bites. The WholeSoy was yummy, but not really what I think of as yogurt.

The latter soy yogurt?

Probably hot filling since it was solid, the water is most likely trapped condensation.

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