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The Yogurt Diaries, #10

First yogurt of the day is Axelrod Fat Free Vanilla. This was $.89 regular price in the regular grocery store.

Axelrod Fat Free Vanilla

Axelrod Fat Free Vanilla

It’s fat free, so no fat, but it has 12 grams of sugar, so it weighs in at about the same as some of the smaller dairies’ sugar content. When I opened it, a lot of the yogurt was stuck to the top foil, and it looked creamy.

Axelrod Fat Free Vanilla

Axelrod Fat Free Vanilla

Well. Then I tasted it. And this was possibly the sweetest of all the yogurts I’ve tasted so far– wholly unappetizingly sweet. It tasted a bit like eating artificially-flavored cake frosting out of the container. So I checked the ingredients and saw this is sweetened with fructose instead of sugar or corn syrup…

…and then I kept reading and saw that it was ALSO sweetened with aspartame.

This really pisses me off. Not only that you would make something that has BOTH naturally-occurring sugars and aspartame in it (why?!) but also that you wouldn’t advertise that on the front of the container Err, actually, it does say it on the front of the container, in tiny letters, over to one side. I don’t eat things with aspartame in it, so Axelrod is getting a great big NO from me and I’m not finishing the container. Seriously, if you need sugar free food, I can’t even recommend it since it HAS sugar in it, too!

So I am eating another. This one is Cascade Fresh Fat Free Yogurt, and I am happy to say we are back to yogurts without super long ingredient lists. It was $.65 on sale, the cheapest yogurt I have tried so far, and $.89 regular price.

This is sweetened with fruit juice concentrate and has 12 grams of sugar and 110 calories, which is the lowest caloric count I’ve gotten on one of these babies.

Cascade Fresh Vanilla

Cascade Fresh Vanilla

Opening it, there is nothing on the top foil, and very little water in the cup. It is smoother than the flan-type yogurts but not really puddingy: it sort of has the consistency of thick sour cream.

Cascade Fresh Vanilla Opened

Cascade Fresh Vanilla Opened

Disclosure: I was expecting to give this a negative review because I have had some other Cascade flavors and did not like them, but the vanilla is excellent. It is creamy without being too thick and heavy, and sour, but only a little, so it tastes the way yogurt ought to. It is also mercifully less sweet than the other yogurts I’ve tried. There is not much vanilla to it, but it tastes a little sweet and a lot like milk, so it mostly just tastes like good dairy.

So far, I would rank this up there with the True Yogurt as one of the best I’ve tried, and at the cheapest price point so far, I think Cascade gets a gold star from me! I will give some of their other flavors another chance! Cascade Fresh’s website is here.

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