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The Yogurt Diaries, #11

Today, I am reviewing two of my favorite brands, and on that note, I also have to say I am cheating a little because neither of them are in vanilla. But I would like to state that I have eaten neither of them since starting this review series.

The first one is Rachel’s, in Plum Lavender Honey. Its regular price is $1.19 but I got it on sale for $.89.

Rachel's Plum Lavender Honey

Rachel's Plum Lavender Honey

It’s sweetened with evaporated cane juice and honey, and the sugar comes in at 23 grams– a little high, but not as high as the big-name brands. It’s 150 calories and 25 of those are from fat.

Opening it up, the top is covered in cream, and the yogurt inside is pretty, well, gloppy, for lack of a better word. It doesn’t really have a shape to it.

Rachel's Plum Lavender Honey Opened

Rachel's Plum Lavender Honey Opened

This is the first yogurt where I want to believe the rumor about good yogurt having cream float to the top, because there is what appears to be a very thick layer of fatty cream on the top. It is much thicker than the yogurt below it, which, biting into it, it really is pretty, well, gloppy. Although it is very smooth and lump-free.

Texture aside, the favor is delicious. The fruit is mixed in and there are not any pieces of fruit in it. It tastes mostly of plums and a little of honey– I have a hard time tasting the lavender in it, but that’s okay, because plum yogurt is awesome. It is a bit sweeter than the Cascade Fresh, but it’s sweet in a fruit-juicy sort of way, not a sugar rush sort of way.

So while I would like for Rachel’s to be a bit more creamy, the flavor is pretty darn amazing. I should have gotten the Vanilla Chai flavor they make to do this test, but oh well. I would especially recommend this one for mixing with fruit, nuts, or cereal– while it’s not my favorite texture, the texture is perfect for Grape Nuts! Then again, I’m not going to stop eating it anytime soon, especially since the price is not bad and it is better than a lot of the others at that price point!

Rachel’s website is here.

The other yogurt for today is Brown Cow. I’m eating a Brown Cow Maple Cream Top. The price is $1.09 regular price– cheaper than Dannon! I don’t recall if it was on sale, though.

I knew this was going to happen eventually, but I totally flaked about taking a picture of this one, it looks like. I thought I did, but I just went to upload it and there isn’t one. So, you will have to make do with a promotional image, which is actually kinda better than my photos :-P

Brown Cow Maple Cream Top

Brown Cow Maple Cream Top

This is not a diet yogurt. It has 170 calories, 60 of those from fat, which is pretty much through the roof, although I think Brown Cow makes a low fat variety as well. What do you expect from something called “Cream Top?” It has 21 grams of sugar– a little high, but certainly nowhere near the highest. I was pleased to see that the majority of sugar actually comes from the

Opening it up, well…the top of it looks like a lunar landing. I mean to say, cratered and bumpy. It is certainly nothing to write home about.

Brown Cow Maple Cream Top Opened

Brown Cow Maple Cream Top Opened

But that cratered, lumpy surface? Is all cream. It tastes like eating homemade butter with a spoon. It is lumpy and rich, and if you don’t like eating fatty things, you will probably want to spoon this off! If you like these kinds of things, you will be in freaking heaven. But now we know why the fat content is so high. Seriously, you could spread this stuff on toast.

Once you get past the aptly named cream top, the yogurt below appears lumpy, but it is less lumpy in your mouth. It’s not as smooth as Rachel’s, but the consistency is a little thicker. It’s not quite as thick as I like ideally, though.

The flavor is good– it’s a bit sour, but very strongly maple and the maple flavor sits on your tongue longer than the dairy-sour flavor does. It does not taste particularly sweet– a little sweet, but not as sweet as most of the other flavors I’ve tried.

Brown Cow could maybe be a little less sour and a little more smooth but the flavor is really good and the cream top is an added surprise bonus if you like that kind of thing. If you don’t, you might be better off with their low fat line. Or with a different yogurt. Me, I dig this one. My favorite flavor of theirs is the chocolate, though.

Brown Cow’s website is Here.

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