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This is Embarrassing
cap, captain miss america

So, if you’ve noticed, The Yogurt Diaries are on a short term hiatus.

This was an unplanned hiatus.


Because Sunday morning I felt a little ill. The typical sore throat, tired type thing. Monday, same dealio. I went to work and all, I was just…bleh.

Tuesday…still sick. So I go to the Resident Nurse in our office building and have her check me out. She’s chatting away and then asks me to stick out my tongue.

I do.

“You’re very dehydrated,” she said.

“I can’t be,” I said. “I just drank a twenty-ounce ginger ale.”

“Your tongue is white,” she said. “That’s a sign of dehydration. How much have you had to drink?”

“Well, the ginger ale this morning,” I said (this was at ten AM), “and I went through a pitcher and a half of water last night.”

“Stick out your tongue again,” she said.

I did.

“The only thing I can figure,” she said. “Is that you have thrush.”

“What?” I asked. “I mean, I’ve heard the term but I have no idea what that is.”

“It’s a fungal infection you get in your mouth. Usually only babies get it.”

“How weird! How can you tell if someone has it?” I asked.

“Because their tongue is white. Here, do you want to see?” She offered me a handmirror.

Hell yes, my tongue was white. “Oh my god!” I said. “It is white. How do people get thrush?” I asked.

“Usually only babies get it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an adult with it.” It took her a few tries to come out with the next part, but when she did, she finally asked, “Have you been with anyone…in that…you have had oral sex?”

“Definitely not,” I told her. “Unless I wasn’t informed of it.”

So, yeah. I have a disease that people get from breastfeeding and cunnilingus! Go me.

Yogurt is actually supposed to cure thrush, but since it is the only thing I had eaten consistently for the past week (and some days I will not lie, I had four containers in a single day), I think it is probably a good idea to wait to bring it back in full force.

In the meantime, I want to ask you all a question. I am well more than halfway done with my yogurts, so I would like to decide what else I should do. I would like to move on to a different food, but it has to have these qualifications:

–It must be something that I can reasonably eat once a day without it affecting my health (like, you know, giving me thrush).
–It must be something that I can afford to eat every day for a meal (top cost $3-4 although I would be willing to do something that had a couple outliers for comparison).
–It must be something that comes in several brand names that people can shop for.
–I would prefer that it be vegetarian, but I would be okay with doing something like, say, chicken noodle soup. I just try to avoid eating too much meat. It doesn’t have to be vegan, though, and things like soup broth or gelatin are things I’m more willing to compromise on than say, hot dogs.

So, if you have ideas or recommendations for things I can do next, let me know!

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Some people eat yogurt everyday! It doesn't make sense. Maybe there was something wrong with one of them.

According to Belle & Sebastian, you can get thrush from "licking railings", whatever THAT means.

It's fungal infection of the mouth, so licking moldy wood could do it. In addition to licking cootchies.

granola bars? assuming you can find individually-wrapped ones so you don't have to buy a bazillion boxes for a decent range of reviews.

and feel better! it's not only babies and old people and sexually active people who get thrush -- i think i'm at risk, being diabetic.

sorry, that was me. o_O; dunno why it signed me out.

Mmm granola bars are a good idea but there is that problem with not being able to test the big name brands because they only come in boxes. I meant to put that in my requirements, the idea that they should only come in single servings. I don't know where I can get granola bars in single servings, actually, other than the work vending machine.

There are brands like Clif bars that only come individually and are usually found in the health food/"organic" section of the grocery store... but that would still limit your testing because you couldn't do major brands.

Are those granola bars? I thought they were protein bars or something. I've never eaten those and I am not sure I would want to review them because I have ethically icky feelings about foods that try to position themselves as meal substitutes.

I think women sometimes get it when they are preggers. It's not _that_ weird for grownups to get.

Everyone I have talked to has said it's like the weirdest thing ever!

There is always soup, but that's maybe not really a summer food. How about sorbet?

Sorbet is a little out of my price range and the containers are too large to finish on my own!

Hmm...some sort of beverage, maybe? I was thinking orange juice.

And yeah, the thrush thing is kind of bizarre since yogurt's supposed to help! Though the sugar might be something it's feeding on. I know when I had it, I was told to eat plain yogurt and cheese as sources of dairy, but I'd cheat with a little bit of frozen yogurt here and there.

Something you'll want to do (speaking from own experience with self-and-baby nearly four years ago) is make sure you sterilize your dishes/silverware/etc.

(Deleted comment)
Fruit aren't a brand name product, though! I can't compare different brands of pomegranates, so I don't really think that would work for an ongoing review.

i think juices. you can get seperate sizes, and there are plenty of brands? except some juice is over priced and the rest is gross.

maybe you need to redesign your parameters?

The problem is that I can't redesign my parameters! It has to be something I can afford and that I won't waste. Like something like chips would be awesome but I could not eat tons of bags of chips. I pretty much came up with the most loose parameters I can do: food I can afford, food I can eat regularly without being unhealthy, food I won't waste, food that is made by multiple different companies and comes under brand names available widely.

Thrush in the mouth is clearly better than thrush of the nethers. Just saying, lesser of two evils :)

I have nothing constructive about what to do next, but I will definitely vote on a poll once you have a few ideas :D

Well, the one thing about the fruit idea elainemc is you could do different stores/provider's fruit. I don't know what your prefered type of apple is, but comparing a golden delicious from the Greenmarket to one from Fairway or the conventional and organic varieties from Whole Foods wouldn't be too expensive or unhealthy.

The first thing that came to mind was some sort of bready thing, but rolls are usually just the store's own. It's hard to think of things that are single-serving, popular enough to have a zillion brands but not leave you feeling icky if you eat them all the time. Even things that don't spoil easily, like tea, you have to buy the whole box.

I hope your thrush goes away soon, that sounds particularly uncomfortable.

Yeah, but that's not even going to translate from week to week, and grocery store chains are much more regional-- and even the ones that are country-wide don't have the same produce or produce distributors in California that they do here. It would give uneven and non-reproducible results and therefore not really be much use to anyone.

Er, well, first off, hi. I forget if this is my first comment because in my head I formulate all these replies to the Tesla cartoons and and then...I obviously don't post them. I do enjoy your LJ, though.

My aunt has Sjogren's syndrome, it's a thing where the eyes and mouth (among other parts) dry out, and it was discovered because she had a case of thrush that was a beast to clear up. In her case it was lack of saliva allowing the candida* to take over. I just wanted to let you know it's not ALWAYS cooties-related. Her doctor gave her the same jive at first.

Ditto what cheshire23 said, too, it seems the flavored yogurt doesn't work as well as plain.

(*My family became candida experts. WHY. Why couldn't it be something like growing money out the ears?)

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