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Cocktail Recipe: Blackstrap Bill

I am going to try to do a better job of documenting my cocktails. This is one I made this weekend. And yes, it has a Pirates of the Caribbean pun for a name.

Blackstrap Bill

Blackstrap Bill

Ingredients for two cocktails
6 oz. black strap rum (Cruzan, Gosling’s Black Seal, etc.)
1 Ruby Red Grapefruit
1 oz Ginger syrup
10 leaves Pineapple Sage*

Fill 2 rocks glasses with ice and 1 pineapple sage leaf apiece & set aside.
Fill shaker 1/4 full with ice, add pineapple sage and ginger syrup, muddle.
Halve grapefruit. Slice two wedges and add to glasses. Juice rest of grafruit, then add juice and remaining pulp to shaker– do not add pith or skin.
Add rum.
Shake, pour, and serve.

*Pineapple sage is a type of sage that actually tastes faintly of pineapple. If you cannot get Pineapple sage, do not substitute regular sage. Try mint or basil instead.

As an additional note, I would like to tell you all that Chobani Yogurt just wrote to me offering me free coupons as a thank you for blogging about them! Awesome!

I am almost better from the thrush so I will definitely start the yogurts back up soon.

Here are some ideas for foods to do after yogurt:
1) Soup. It would be easy to pick a type of soup. I could either do chicken noodle or something like lentil or vegetable minestrone.
2) Vegetarian meats/packaged tofu/seitan/tempeh products.
3) Macaroni and cheese.
4) Another boxed dinner product, like couscous or those prepared rice packets.

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