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Cocktail Recipe: Lemony Snicket

I know this should have Wasabi in it, but…

Lemony Snicket

Lemony Snicket

Ingredients for Two Cocktails
Juice from 1 lemon.
6 ounces Broker’s or other English Dry gin
1/2 oz Rose’s Lime Juice
1 Tb evaporated cane juice (you can use plain sugar or Sugar in the Raw)
About 15-20 leaves of Cinnamon Basil**

Fill 2 martini glasses with ice & set aside.
Reserve 4 basil leaves & set aside.
Fill shaker with ice.
Add lemon juice, cane juice, and Rose’s lime.
Chop remaining basil and add to shaker.
Muddle ingredients.
Add gin and shake.
Remove ice from glasses.
Pour drink!
Garnish with remaining basil and serve.

**Cinnamon Basil is a kind of basil that tastes slightly of cinnamon. If you can’t get cinnamon basil, use regular basil and a tiny, tiny bit of Saigon (or other not-sweet) cinnamon.

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Tags: bartending, cocktails, food and drink, gin, recipes
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