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bye bye!
cap, captain miss america
i'm going to italy.
i sang ave maria into my computer microphone. i wanted to leave it for people but it is 8mb, i don't know how to turn these things into mp3s or anything like that. oh well... it's really quite fuzzy, i had to reduce it to mono. i know nothing about computer sound.

it is at tag/net.

have fun without me! i will be back on friday the 5th!

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post now; read later

Okay, you won't read this until you get back but I'm posting it now because my memory is horrible and I'll forget to say it later.

*ahem* You have a really nice voice! Plus you know all of the words! I can't even remember all of the words to the English version. I am in awe of you.

I hope your trip rocks!



i'm so sorry i haven't been checking this. i would have really liked to contact you before you left :/
have a nice nice journey
. n3koch4n .

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