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Cocktail Recipe: Tropical Storm

This is a recipe made with Hurricane Rum, a small batch rum from Nantucket, MA, that is aged in bourbon barrels. It is very light gold in color and has a flavor more reminiscent of whiskey than of a traditional rum. If you can’t find Hurricane Rum, I would recommend making this with 2 parts gold rum to 1 part bourbon or bourbon-style sour mash whiskey.

Tropical Storm

Tropical Storm

Ingredients for two drinks:
6 oz Hurricane Rum
1 lime
1/2 Kirby cucumber (small pickly-sized cucumber)
1/4 cup chopped cilantro plus 2 sprigs
2 Tbs brown sugar

1) Add ice to shaker and 2 martini glasses.
2) Squeeze lime juice into shaker.
3) Add brown sugar and chopped cilantro to shaker.
4) Cut two thin slices of cucumber and reserve. Chop remaining cucumber finely and add to shaker.
5) Muddle ingredients with wooden spoon.
6) Add rum and shake.
7) Remove ice from martini glasses, pour drinks. The little bits of chopped cilantro will come through the strainer– this is okay.
8) Add cucumber slices and cilantro sprigs as garnish.

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