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Two Cocktails: As American & Reclamation Day
cap, captain miss america

Two drinks for the price of one!

1) As American

As American

As American

This is the drink I designed for the 4th of July. It is a little bit of a take off of a classic Mint Julep recipe and a cherry pie recipe and made with all American-made ingredients. It is sweet and tastes like a bourbon-cherry pie!

Ingredients for two drinks:

7 Oz Maker’s Mark or other Kentucky Bourbon
12 ripe cherries
1/2 cup chopped mint
2 tsps brown sugar


Add ice to 2 martini glasses
Set aside two pretty, whole cherries
Chop remaining 10 cherries into tiny pieces and put cherries in medium sized pitcher
Add brown sugar and mint, and muddle with wooden spoon
Add bourbon and stir
Leave to sit at least 20 minutes
Remove ice from glasses
Pour through metal strainer into glasses
Garnish with cherries and serve

If you like your drinks very sweet, replace the regular ripe cherries with Maraschino

2) Reclamation Day

Reclamation Day

Reclamation Day

This drink is very drinkable and tastes like a strong herby lemonade. This is a great one for a hot day; very refreshing. It is named for Rosie as, unlike yesterday’s drink, the base ingredient is British!

Ingredients for two drinks:

6 Oz Hendrick’s Gin**
1 lemon
1/2 small (Kirby) cucumber
10 sprigs Vietnamese Coriander
2 tsps ginger=flavored syrup

Add ice to shaker and two martini glasses
Reserve two sprigs coriander. Chop remaining coriander finely and add to shaker
Slice two thin slices of lemon and reserve; squeeze remaining lemon into shaker, discard lemon peel and pith
Add ginger syrup to shaker
Slice four thin slices of cucumber and reserve; chop remaining 1/2 cucumber finely and add to shaker
Muddle with wooden spoon
Add gin and shake
Remove ice from glasses and pour
Garnish with lemon and cucumber slices and coriander sprigs

**Hendrick’s is an English Gin made with cucumbers. If you can’t find it, this will be fine with a London Dry style gin or a citrusy gin. I would recommend using a heavily juniper flavored gin in this recipe.

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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(a) As American sounds AMAZING and I plan to try it soon!

(b) My friends and I are in quest of a recipe for a blue drink, but it needs to be an AMAZING blue drink with a kick. Do you know of any blue liqueurs other than curacao? Or blue drinks that we could adapt? (Except I have no idea how to adapt drinks, personally.)

I'm going to reply to your other comment on my other post later, but if I want a blue drink that does not taste like blue curacao, the best way to achieve this is by either using blueberry schnapps (which you need to test as it is sometimes purple) OR Jones Soda Bubblegum flavor. That is my standard ingredient for a drink that absolutely must be blue. There are also some blue kool-aid and jell-o flavors you can mix, but they taste much more artificial.

I love you. I want to make the second cocktail very badly.

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