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True Crud
cap, captain miss america

This came from a conversation with gildedage about True Blood and how we wish it were more like The Vampire Odd Couple.

Original Post is Here. I messed up something with the mirroring to LJ.

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It's so true. This look good! I like Bill's blandness. And Eric! Oh Eric. I love how he is chibi, and I am sure he would love it too.

*laughing at the facepalm in the third panel and the expressions throughout*

oh god. i remember this book series, at least... and heh, an alumnus from my school composes the music for 'true blood'.

Awesome! The TV show is hilarious and I love it.

ROFL. (and I don't even watch the show!)

all vampyres should some with thought bubbles made by you.

wanna try TWILIGHT next? (I totally laughed my ass off while seeing the movie. I had to stop it a coupla times cause I was laughing so hard.)


first frame:
Bella: REALLY? YOU'VE NEVER HAD SEX? in your 140 years of vampyre existence!!!!! (I totally don't believe you)

Oh, god, I haven't actually read Twilight? True Blood is at least *trying* to be funny.

I love that True Blood is totally tongue-in-cheek. I don't know about you, but I read the first book after I started watching the show and found that sense of humor missing.

The book series is short of funny, but like, Helllooooo sex. This is one of those things were the TV series is better than the show.

than the books. Wow. I can type!

I didn't even catch it until I read it twice....

har de har!

I haven't read the books! But it is definitely my favorite part of the show. If it tried to take itself too seriously, it would fall flat on its face. That, plus...things like the fact that the show is totally aware of the fact that Bill is creepy and misogynistic and plays on that, instead of Twilight where it's like OMG THIS IS SO CREEPY AND MISOGYNISTIC and you can tell that Stephenie Meyer totally thinks it's wonderful and romantic.

I haven't read Twilight either. I just watched the movie.

*spoiler alert*

it was hilarious!!!!!! the vamp SPARKLED. which is kind of wrong on many levels. and they're "vegetrian," which more or less means they don't drink "human" blood, but rather animal. which really should not be called vegetarian - maybe non-human-itarian! but not vegetarian. cause, well, vegetables....

I should totally check out True Blood. I've heard several sources say it's good. plus Anna Paquin for the win!


Yeah, I saw the movie and I know the general premise. From what I understand, the movie is about ten times better than the book, which sort of frightens me.

XD I love it! Did you see last night's episode? I heart Eric so much. I love every scene he's in.

Not yet! It was not up on STC when I went to bed! Tonight I get to!

Oh good, I didn't want to spoil anything. I thought it was a pretty good episode -- there are some hilarious scenes.

I heard some amazing non-spoilery reviews for it-- one that claims it was the best episode so far. I am excited for it!


*giggles immensely*

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