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NY People!
cap, captain miss america
We have tickets for Half-Blood Prince for 7:30 pm Thursday.

I bought tickets for: cacophonesque, justatailor, danielle1973, and four tickets for f4l and friends.

Tickets are $12.50!

I will try to be at the theater by around 7. If people want to get food prior to movie we can do that too! Let me know.

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squeee for me, will you please????

and post about how hawt HP is now.... and the lack of nude scenes and horses. (tee hee)

anyway, enjoy!

whoooo! so excited!

And I'm down for food. I don't do a whole lot on Thursdays, generally.

Ok! I get out of work @5:30 and could do food around six, preferably somewhere close to the theater (which I can figure out since I live right near there.) Sound good?

Woo! I'm excited. Also, I'd be down for some food, preferrably at a place with vegan options.

There are a ton of places in my neighborhood with vegan options! I think if we try to meet up by 5:45-6ish that should be good?

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