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The Yogurt Diaries, #13
cap, captain miss america

And you thought they were done for good!

A few weeks of recovery later, and apparently no new thrush, and I’m going to try to finish out my yogurt reviews. Sadly, a few of the yogurts I had already bought seem to have gone bad in the meantime, so I feel a bit bad for wasting food, but I will replace those ones and try again! Maybe just…you know, not every day.

I have two more major store brands today.

The first is Stonyfield Farm, which cost $1.19 regular price. It’s an organic yogurt.

Stonyfield Farm French Vanilla

Stonyfield Farm French Vanilla

This one is French Vanilla and it has a very short list of ingredients, including pectin. It has 170 calories and 50 of those are from fat– not too bad on the calories, a little higher than normal…but the fat is pretty high. There are 22 grams of sugar– higher than a lot, but not the highest by any means.

Stonyfield Farm French Vanilla Opened

Stonyfield Farm French Vanilla Opened

I opened it up and it looked prety solid, a lot like some of the Greek yogurts. Spooning into it, I discovered that it also had a very thick, rich cream top, a lot like the Brown cow, but a little bit lighter in texture.

The yogurt is sweet, but it kind of tasted more like honey sweet than sugar sweet, even though the ingredients say it has sugar, not honey. It did have a little bit of an off-flavor to it, though, kind of a ricotta cheese flavor that I wasn’t fond of. The texture is a bit goopy…it hangs in strings from the spoon and almost looks like it has raw egg in it, if you know what I mean.

It is too bad because I really liked the texture of the cream top, but the flavor overall is a little suspect.

Next up is Columbo “Classic” vanilla. My mom bought me this one so I’m afraid I can’t say what the price is.

Columbo Classic Vanilla

Columbo Classic Vanilla

The Columbo yogurt is fat free and 130 calories. It has 21 grams of sugar. It does have high fructose corn syrup and modified corn starch in it, but other than that, the ingredient list is pretty short.

Columbo Classic Vanilla Opened

Columbo Classic Vanilla Opened

Opening it up, it looks like one of the more flan-like yogurts, with a little water on the top, but the texture is much softer. The Columbo yogurt is a bit sweet, but there is almost no sourness to it at all. It tastes a bit more like sugar than vanilla and the texture is very light– this actually tastes like a classier version of the Shop Rite store brand yogurt.

I like the Columbo, but I like it in the sense that if I were in a grocery store that only had typical store brands, I might choose this or Dannon, but I don’t think it would be in my top choices of yogurts ever.

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I actually bought some Stonyfield Farm yogurt today and my reaction to it was pretty much the same as yours. Such a weird texture!

But it's the best out of the few yogurts my Met carries & the only organic yogurt, so it'll probably be the one I end up buying.

Yeah, I am not a fan. I've never really been a fan and I only bought one of these to use for the reviews! It is too bad, because I always want it to be good and I know so many people whose FAVORITE yogurt is Stonyfield

it's such a shame because the ingredient list is magnificently small. and I'm really trying to cut out foods with high fructose corn syrup in them. alas, alas.

A bunch of the other yogurts I tried had no high fructose corn syrup. But I don't know if I kept track of that-- or if you'd be able to get them!

I'll have to go back and read the other yogurt posts. My local grocery store is kind of meh on its yogurt selection, but there's an organic grocery store in Williamsburg that I go to often enough.

Maybe your Stoneyfield went bad... The "string" thing is particularly concerning. We ate it all the time at Smith, and the French vanilla was pretty good. But I may have less discerning taste.

It still had two weeks before the sell by date, and food is generally good till up to one week after sell by. Also, justatailor commented that she agreed that the texture was weird! Also, full disclosure: I have never liked Stoneyfield Farm. It has always tasted funny to me. So this is no different from my usual experience with it, sadly.

I have also eaten so much yogurt lately that it is likely I am noticing weirdass shit.

My only real encounter with Stoneyfield Farm was when my aunt and my cousins visited and they were still young babies and in the mushy-gushy food stage. Stoneyfield was the yogurt that had, and my aunt was like, "Omg it's the best!" This has been like ten years, at least, and I still remember thinking that it was really, really strange, haha.

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