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New Yorkie People!
cap, captain miss america
Tonight for movie!

My cousin's train gets in at like 5:25 or something so I will need to go to my apartment to be there when she gets in which should be @ six if all goes well.

Then food? justatailor, cacophonesque, would you like to come meet up at my apartment? I will even mix you cocktails while we wait for danielle1973. f4l, if you want to drop in you may as well!

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that sounds fine with me. I'll probably get to your 'hood around 5:20-5:30ish depending on the trains.

I will be a little later than that; I get out of work at 5:30 today so I should be in around 5:45ish!

Ok! I messaged you my contact info!

Aw! You can come! There is totally still enough time to drive up here!

Fraid we're just gonna have to meet you at the cinema, gots to wait for peeps to make it up to our apt first :) See you soon!

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