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The Yogurt Diaries #14

Okay! So, today I have The Greek Gods Greek (Style) Yogurt. It cost $1.69 at my local grocery store.

The Greek Gods Vanilla Orange Cinnamon Yogurt

The Greek Gods Vanilla Orange Cinnamon Yogurt

The “Style” is in tiny letters not in the logo. Haha! Anyway, these yogurts are THEMED. Every yogurt has a different god on it. Vanilla, which is what we are trying, is not just vanilla, but vanilla cinnamon orange and apparently belongs to Aphrodite! It is the yogurt of LOVE!

The yogurt of love has a very short ingredient list– with no corn syrup– 170 calories (which is not bad) and 50 from fat which is a little high. The sugars are a little high, too, at 23 grams.

The Greek Gods Vanilla Orange Cinnamon Yogurt Opened

The Greek Gods Vanilla Orange Cinnamon Yogurt Opened

Opening the yogurt container, this yogurt has a very thick, solid consistency that looks a lot like Fage or some of the other Greek-style yogurts.

The flavor is almost bitingly sour, but you can definitely taste the orange and cinnamon in spite of that. It taste a bit like canoli filling, although it has a much more lactosey sourness to it. The consistency is very very smooth and creamy– this is solid and won’t fall off your spoon.

If you like dairy-sour yogurts, this is definitely one to try! I think it might be a little too sour for me, especially when it also has a lot of sugar, but it wasn’t unpleasant and the texture and unique flavor is worth a go.

The other one I have today is Redwood Hill Farm Vanilla Goat Milk Yogurt.

Redwood Hill Farm Vanilla

Redwood Hill Farm Vanilla

This was one of the more expensive yogurts, at $2.49. It has 140 calories and 45 calories from fat– so, not bad on calories but the fat content is a tad high. It has 14 grams of sugar, though, which is fairly good. It is sweetened with maple syrup.

Redwood Hill Farm Vanilla Opened

Redwood Hill Farm Vanilla Opened

Opening it, it is almost the exact opposite of Greek Gods– in fact, it is rather soupy! The flavor is not sweet at all– just mildly sweet, and very strongly of maple, not vanilla. On the other hand, it has very little sourness to it. I really like the flavor of this yogurt. I generally don’t like the soupier yogurts, but this one has an excellent flavor that won me over. The maple is really strong but almost not sweet, which is very unique.

The Redwood Hill is definitely my favorite of these two, but I think it’s a little pricey for me to buy it too often.

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