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The Yogurt Diaries, #16

I tried the last of the vegan yogurts today! This one is called WildWood Organics, and I didn’t even realize it was a soy yogurt when I bought it…but it is! It cost $1.19, which is pretty good for a vegan yogurt. It’s plain ol’ vanilla soy yogurt.

WildWood Organic Vanilla Soyogurt

WildWood Organic Vanilla Soyogurt

It’s 160 calories with 25 calories from fat, which it claims to be low fat– and isn’t exactly low fat, but is one of the better numbers for the vegan yogurts. But it’s got 21 grams of sugar, which is getting a little high.

WildWood Organic Vanilla Soyogurt Opened

WildWood Organic Vanilla Soyogurt Opened

Opening it up, it’s very brown and soupy looking– it looks a lot like the Ricera from yesterday. BUT! The texture is not too bad– a little more liquidy than most, but it doesn’t feel sticky or gloppy, and the flavor is really nice. It is a tad sweeter than I like my yogurt, but you can definitely taste the soy in it and it has that lovely nutty flavor that soy products have. I really liked this one and I think I would rank this one up with the WholeSoy. It’s a touch sweeter than I like yogurt but it is overall very pleasant in flavor and I really enjoyed it. If you’re looking for a vegan yogurt, definitely check this one out! It is also Kosher and gluten-free! Win!

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