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The Yogurt Diaries, # 17

A couple of days ago, I tried Wallaby Organic Vanilla Yogurt.

Wallaby Organic Vanilla

Wallaby Organic Vanilla

I should say up front that Wallaby Organic is one of my favorite brands, although I usually buy their more exotic flavors, like Dulce de Leche and Mango. It is purported to be “Australian-style” yogurt, and I’m not sure what that means, as it is made in California. It costs $1.19.

Wallaby has 140 calories and 25 calories from fat per serving, which seems about par for the course. It has 20g of sugar, which is not super high but not super low either. It has no high fructose corn syrup.

Wallaby Organic Vanilla Opened

Wallaby Organic Vanilla Opened

Opening it, it looks a bit soupy, but not as soupy as the vegan yogurts. It surprisingly has a cream top, which is very rare among low fat yogurts.

The texture is very puddingy, but unlike most of the puddingy yogurts, it doesn’t have any artificially flavor, and it’s not too sweet. It is pleasantly sour and you can taste the dairy in it. You can taste the vanilla, but it is not very strongly vanilla-flavored.

I like their vanilla just as much as their other flavors! No big surprises, but not a let-down, either.

I am also trying Emmi Swiss Premium. My market didn’t have this in vanilla, so I got strawberry. It cost $1.49 for a container.

Emmi Swiss Premium Strawberry

Emmi Swiss Premium Strawberry

It has 170 calories and 25 calories from fat. It also has TWENTY-SEVEN grams of sugar, which is pretty ridiculously high. That might be the highest I’ve tried…I’m not sure! Then again, it also has strawberries in it, which might have something to do with this.

Emmi Swiss Premium Strawberry Opened

Emmi Swiss Premium Strawberry Opened

Inside, it almost looks like a strawberry milkshake– very creamy and gloppy, and like the Wallaby, it has a cream top! The cream top tastes a little funky, though, like cheese. Not that I don’t love cheese, but it’s not what I expect from my strawberry yogurt.

The rest of the yogurt doesn’t taste so funky, though! It is mostly very, very sweet– too sweet for me, really– just the combination of sugar AND fruit is a bit much. There were two large chunks of strawberry in the entire container, and then a lot of little strawberry flecks throughout. This comes stirred already– not fruit on the bottom style.

I thought this was delicious but a little on the sweet side for me! It actually made my teeth hurt to eat it! It might be better mixed with granola or something else.

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