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10 positive things
cap, captain miss america
stolen from keladry

10 positive things about today
1.i walked with mikey this morning.
2.i had an everything bagel with scallion cream cheese from murray's-- my second bagel this weekend.
3.i'm up to page fourteen in transposing the notes i took over my vacation into proper typed format for my new book.
4.there was citra in the fridge
5.i woke up earlyish for me.
6.mikey's hand is getting better.
7.there is a man on TV right now whose last name is tim spooneybarger.
8.my hair is getting long.
9. no work today!
10. i feel healthy; my head is only a little fuzzy.
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...isn't it a pity that there is no mood icon for "proud"? But I adore your "accomplished" icon nevertheless.

there are a lot of things that need mood icons. rick and i made a list of them once.

i'm on page 23 of my story! and i finished transposing out of my notebook! i actually just started writing new material! whee!


How long do you think the story will get? And are you always writing this fast? It usually takes me days to write just 2 or 3 pages... ;;^-^

Hm, I agree, there's a lot of things that need icons. I wish you could make your own icons and assign your own moods to them, too.

umm, i'm on pg 25 right now. i'd like to make this a book-length story, but we'll see if i can do that without padding it tremendously. i haven't quite figured out all of the plot; it was easier the first time i wrote it; the bad guys were just generic bad guys and i think i need to change that significantly. i've also made the protagonist somewhat more aware of her role in the magical part of the story, and that changes things a bit.

anyway, sometimes i go really fast; other times i go really slowly. i've written 20pp in a day before, just sitting and writing, but these days i usually get a page or two done a day, when i can find the time and focus.


I saw that guy! He's a pitcher, right? I thought it was pretty funny. That poor man.

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