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Mama Vegan, Papa Vegan, Day 2
cap, captain miss america

I just called my parents to check in on how their second day of veganism is going. My dad updated me over the course of the day with short emails.

He emailed me at about 8 am.

John:Day 1 was relatively simple (on the plane) and even though we went out, I pre-planned exactly what I would order.

Day 2 (worked out at 6:15) and have yet to eat anything. I have baby carrots, grapes, cherry tomatoes and a cucumber. They will probably get me through today and tomorrow. Dinner looks like it may be popcorn at 9:00 pm. Today should not be difficult.

Oh, I am now forced to read labels- Good News- the $1 bag of pretzels from Shaw’s are have zero animal products so they can easily fill a belly without violating my contract.

I got another email around 11:30.

John: It was 11:30 before I felt a hunger pang. For a historical perspective, Most of my eating takes place between 11:00 am and 6:00 pm. In the evening I would generally prefer no dinner (on workdays) and popcorn or peanuts for a snack around 8:30.

On weekends I would generally prefer to eat at 11:00 am and not until 7:00 (no snack).

OK- back to today- I ate a few cherry tomatoes, one string bean (tasted weird) and then one beautiful red ripe tomato. I loaded the tomato up with pepper!

AT about 3 I succumbed to some pretzels and a ginger ale. (i will try to stay away from caffeine this week as well.)

I imagine that around 5 I will either treat myself to baby carrots OR green grapes. As a super special treat I may freeze the grapes and pretend to be eating ice cream!

And how did my mom do? Well, she had a close call, which was the first thing she told me when I got on the phone with her this evening!

Sharon: This morning when my secretary came in, she brought me coffee, and she brought me a box of munchkins. So I took one without thinking about it, and then I realized I didn’t know what was in them.

I went to a vegan site that listed what is in Dunkin Donuts. Raised donuts are vegan. Cake donuts have egg yolks and powdered milk in them. You just don’t realize how many things…And the differences, too, between the fact that some are fine and some aren’t, and you don’t ever know. That kind of stuff should be labeled. They’re so worried about trans fats, if they’re going to legislate that, why not legislate all ingredients be published all the time?

We talked a little while longer. For lunch, my mom had peanut butter on rice cakes, plums, and tomatoes, and she was about to make dinner: fresh tomatoes from the garden, pasta, and ceci beans.

She says that she thinks she would get bored if this were her diet all the time– she wouldn’t want to have to turn down new and exciting foods if they were offered to her, and she thinks she’d be missing out on a lot, but she said, “the cool part of it is, it does make you think about what you’re eating all the time.” My mom has been checking all her food labels and yesterday, on the plane, discovered that Mott’s tomato juice, though completely vegan, has 890 grams of sodium in it! Which is kind of horrible.

My dad, on the other hand, said that he wouldn’t be heartbroken if, for example, a doctor told him that this had to be his diet for the rest of his life. He didn’t eat the carrots or grapes he mentioned in the earlier quote, but he had crunchy style peanut butter and ripe tomatoes for dinner. He said he’s looking forward to eating the carrots!

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This comes from someone who obviously has past/on-going (but trying to correct!) problems with overeating and portion control, so, perspective... but, that's ALL your dad ate? Like, all day? My mind, it is boggled!

To be honest, my dad has issues with overeating and portion control, too. He tends to eat lots of little snacks that add up to more than he would eat if he ate a single meal. And then he goes without eating at mealtimes. So, like, when he says he ate peanut butter, that could be half a jar of peanut butter!

Ahh, okay. That makes more sense. I also wanted to say that I think it's cool your parents are doing this. I know I probably couldn't commit to a vegan lifestyle, even though veggies are some of my favorite things ever. Or maybe I could, but not at this point in my life. I am like your mom in that I would feel like I am missing a lot of great opportunities food wise and taste wise.

I wouldn't choose to commit to a vegan lifestyle, either. But I think it is awesome of my parents to do this-- most older people just give you funny looks when you mention veganism and I have even had a few try to argue against it with me and argue that it is actually ethically wrong. Which I can't really agree with. I do think it's important to understand and respect other people's food choices, though, and to think about what we eat and acknowledge that it is a choice, for those of us who are privileged enough to choose.

today I ate dairy/eggs for the first time in like 3 weeks. I noticed a definite difference in how I feel (so sluggish, so gross!) and now know that a vegan diet is probably the best thing for me right now in my life.

it can be hard, but it's totally worth it I think.

I think that a lot of people's bodies respond differently to different kinds of diets and finding the right one for you is a challenge. I know that eating fried carby foods makes me feel ill, but I don't have the problems with dairy that a lot of people have-- but I tend to eat a lot more dairy in the winter than in the summer. Same with eggs. I like to get most of my meat in the form of fish or beef-- poultry and pork just don't work as well for me, even though I like the taste of good pork better than the taste of a lot of fish or beef. And I eat a lot more gluten in the winter-- in the summer, I almost completely avoid wheat glutens unless it's bread for a sandwich.

your folks are awesome.

that is all.

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