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Mama Vegan, Papa Vegan, Days 5, 6, 7, part one

Due to my own schedule Thursday and Friday, this sadly got pushed back a bit more than I expected.

My mother is already asleep, so I talked to my father about his vegan experiences this week. He said he continued to eat carrots and grapes while at work.

I’m trying to think if there’s anything exotic I did.

I went to the store and bought Cheerios with sugar as a snack. Thursday, I had a diet soda at birthday party. I don’t recall eating anything. I was getting tired of it.

Friday, finished all the carrots and all the grapes. More cereal. had dinner but forget what it was already. We had zucchini strips and something else and hummus and chips, which was fine. It was good.

Breakfast I had orange juice and we went shopping. I got a diet Dr. Pepper. I tried to sneak pretzels at Kitchen Connection but they moved to a different outlet and then it’s all a blur.

Today I came to see my parents. As a gift for their last day on this assignment, I brought them a vegan cookbook, The Vegan Table by Colleen Patrick Goudreau. We made variations on two pizzas in the book, a beet pizza and a southwestern pizza. We also bought some prepared frozen vegan egg rolls as an appetizer, but they were incredibly bland and I thought kind of inedible. As I told my mom, I felt like they were vegan food cooked by people who had never eaten vegan food. There were no seasonings in them at all. Or, at least, it tasted like there weren’t.

The pizzas we made had the following toppings (there will be pics tomorrow):

Arugula tapenade

Pinto beans
Vegan soy bacon strips
Vegan cashew “sour cream” (which I made from scratch based on a recipe in the book)
Homemade salsa
Dried chipotle

So that was dinner. Yum! Now back to our regularly scheduled comments from my father.

John: Dinner tonight was pretty good. The pizza was dry. I’m getting tired of– there are certain things I like in my diet that I’m not getting. Butter, cheese, and milk being some of them.

Of everything in the whole entire world, what do I miss? Milk product. I think milk, because I have milk on cereal, chocolate milk during the day, and I would have ice cream at night. The cows are very sad because they need me.

Finding stuff without animal crap is pretty hard, and I don’t know if it’s better for me or not. I am going to keep my diet up for another month!

(He is not really, but he said that that way he can eat the vegan ice cream I bought him tomorrow)</b>

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