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The Yogurt Diaries, #19: a new dairy-free yogurt

My local health food store got in a new brand of yogurt!

It is called Nu Lait and it is a dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free product. It cost $2.29 for a container. It came in a variety of flavors with different bases. I bought one coconut and one almond. The coconut one is peach, cinnamon, cardamom, and clove, and the almond one is crandberry, pistachio, and orange zest.

Coconut Peach Honey Cardamom Clove

Coconut Peach Honey Cardamom Clove

Almond Cranberry Pistachio

Almond Cranberry Pistachio

These are pretty high in calories. The coconut one is 210 calories, 90 from fat, and the almond one is a whopping 280 calories, 130 from fat. I am secretly anticipating this with much drool!

There’s 18 grams of sugar in the coconut one and 19 in the almond. They are sweetened with honey, fruit puree, cane juice, and sugar, and no corn syrup, though they do have corn starch in them

Coconut Peach Honey Cardamom Clove Opened

Coconut Peach Honey Cardamom Clove Opened

Opened up, the coconut one looks very gelatinous. I licked the yogurt off the cover and plain, it is very coconutty, a bit tart, and a little sweet. It smells absolutely divine and clovey. It comes with the fruit in a separate compartment, so I stirred it in next. It actually seemed like it might be too much fruit for the amount of yogurt. I put in about 2/3 of it and it seemed thoroughly mixed.

Oh my god. All I can say is that this tastes like the best peach cobbler ever. It is full of cinnamon but not too sweet– mostly cinnamonny with a little bit of peach. The fruit on its own tastes delicious too. The texture is a bit too grainy to be described at pudding– but it is very reminiscent of pie filling. I could eat this forever. Seriously.

Almond Cranberry Pistachio Opened

Almond Cranberry Pistachio Opened

The almond one is very, very dark and looks a lot like pudding. Tasting it plain, it is incredibly nutty– it tastes something like hot cereal. Which I will not complain about, since when I am not eating yogurt, I am eating hot cereal.

The jam that comes with this one is very tart and very rich– the peaches were more like a compote but the cranberries are like a puree. When I poured them into the yogurt, I see why– they need a strong flavor to balance the nut flavor! It doesn’t taste nearly as tart when mixed with the almonds– it tastes lightly sweet.

I think these are the most amazing vegan yogurts I have ever had. Seriously. I think you all owe yourselves the treat of going out and buying at least one. They are pricey for yogurt, but they are also much richer and much more dense than any other yogurt you will have short of a whole milk greek yogurt like Fage. I think I just overdid it eating two of these– one is plenty for a light lunch or a midday snack.

*Note– the coconut yogurt is not vegan as it has honey in it. The almond one is vegan-friendly!

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