tea berry-blue (teaberryblue) wrote,
tea berry-blue

Health Care Rally Frustrations

I went to a rally tonight in Columbus Circle. There were about a thousand or so people there. They say that about 50,000 people showed up around the country. The organizers seemed pleased with that.

Let me tell you something.

In 2003, the anti-war rallies in New York? Those numbered in the hundreds of thousands. In one city. Your fucking 50,000 in the whole country is pathetic.

Why is this happening? Why do I hear so many people, so many Americans talking about health care, talking about how desperately they need better coverage and lower bills, talking about sick relatives and dying grandparents...and then we get a paltry 50,000 people nationwide?

This is making me angry. So many people complaining that insurance companies are lying, that people opposing health care are acting on misinformation...and a nationwide, co-ordinated night of rallies gets 50,000 people.

Is it poor communication? Did people know about the rallies? Did they know where to go, how to organize one in their town? Or is it lack of interest, lack of get-up-and-go-ness, lack of motivation?

This is, to me, the single most important political issue facing our country. Not even "right now." Period. We need to fix this. This is a system so rife with classism and racism and able-ism and probably some other isms I am forgetting to mention and we all know it and why is it that the other side is mobilizing and getting loud and angry and we're...not?

Do we need them to become Goliath so we can be David? Come on. They're already Goliath. Nearly a million and a half dollars a day is going into this. That's...well, that's all money that we gave them in premiums. They are fighting us with our money. They are paying off Congress with our money. They are lying to people who desperately need health care to get them on their side with our money. That money was money we gave them so they could protect us if we got sick. That money was supposed to pay for all the treatments they refuse to cover, for all the conditions they label as pre-existing. That money could be helping people who aren't covered right now. That money could be money we pay in taxes to the government to a program that is not allowed to make a profit.

Please continue to call your senators and Congresspeople. Go to rallies. Organize your own. Get involved with MoveOn, Democracy For America, Organizing for America, Color of Change, Bold Progressives, or Doctors for America. Talk to your doctor. Ask them to stand up. Talk to your parents, siblings, spouses, friends, neighbors. Dispel lies and misinformation. Every single one of us knows that all it takes to be completely disenfranchised from the health care system in America today is to have a job that doesn't offer healthcare, or to have an expensive treatment or illness that the healthcare you do have refuses to cover. Thousands of people lose their coverage every day. Thousands more are denied claims. Thousands more have their premiums raised. That money is being used to keep us dependent on the status quo.

We need to do something. We need to get angry, and not just on our computers. Not just at the dinnertable. Not just on Twitter or Facebook or LJ. We need to stand up and be counted. And there are a lot more than 50,000 of us.
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