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Socialism, a lesson
cap, captain miss america
OKAY WHATEVER THIS IS NOT WORKING. I APOLOGIZE BUT PLEASE WATCH MY MOVIE AT MY BLOG WHERE IT WORKS. I made a movie and it is a cartoon about socialism! But it won't work! Try it on my blog! IT also works on Dreamwidth. It just doesn't work here.

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You are so funny. I love it!

sorry! It won't work for me. On either site. I can't play it through Mozilla, because apparently the plugin needed to play it have been blocked for my protection.

This page lists blocklisted add-ons that should no longer be used with Mozilla products.

* Internet Download Manager, v2.1-3.3 for Firefox 3.0a1 and newer. Reason: caused startup crashes (see bug 382356).
* Free Download Manager, v1.0-1.3.1 for Firefox 3.0a1 and newer. Reason: high crash volume (see bug 408445).
* Yahoo Application State Plugin, v1.0.0.5 and older for Firefox 3.0a1 and newer. Reason: high crash volume (see bug 419127).
* Vietnamese Language Pack, v2.0 for all applications. Reason: corrupted files (see bug 432406).
* Apple QuickTime Plugin, v7.1.*, for all Firefox 3 versions on Windows. Reason: remote code execution in multiple versions (see bug 430826).
* Crawler Toolbar, for Firefox 3.0a1 and newer. Reason: high crash volume (see bug 441649).
* Daemon Tools Toolbar, versions older than, for all applications. Reason: high crash volume (see bug 459850).
* AVG SafeSearch, versions older than 8.0, for Firefox 3.1a1 and newer. Reason: breaks a core navigation method (see bug 479095).

And when I try to run it in IE, I get no picture, and it crashes after the first sentence.

It must not be working here because Livejournal is owned by Russians, and they are SOCIALISTS!

Finally managed to get it to work.

*laughs* ahahaahhaha amazing. And so true.

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