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Obama's Health Speech

I never though I would say this about a political speech, but .

This speech is probably the most brilliant speech I have heard...well, since the President's speech about race during the election. I spent the first half of the speech going HOLY FUCK IS THERE A PUBLIC OPTION? IS THERE? THERE ISN'T. NO WAIT. And about almost halfway into it I realized that no, wait, he IS TOTALLY BEING CHEEKY AND KEEPING US GUESSING HOLY CRAP WILL HE OR WON'T HE.

This is genius. Our President? Is a fucking genius. He is the Hitchcock of speechgiving. He knows exactly what we are waiting to hear and he just dangles it in front of us until we are on the edges of our respective seats.

You know, even if this plan wasn't what I wanted, I would have to respect his ability as an orator. There were more points in this speech where he got both sides of Congress on their feet than just the Democrats-- and one where the Republicans got up and the Democrats didn't. For every major criticism he had of opponents in the room, he also criticized his own party and his own allies. Holy crap.

And that is also the definition of compromise. While I would really like to see a public option that is an option-- that is, that anyone can choose-- I can buy the idea of a public option as an option for people who aren't already covered as a good compromise. It limits the burden or the potential of glutting the system which are some of the things less progressive Democrats and more progressive Republicans are worried about.

But seriously, Barack? Come on. It took you this long to get around to doing this? You need to be doing this every fucking day. Like Rachel Maddow is saying right now, you need to be in the fucking trenches. And you need to fucking be out there saying this all the fucking time.

Which you claim you're going to do. Do it. This is where you shine. This is why I elected you President. Come the hell on.

Seriously, watch the speech. It is actually a spoil-able political speech. Holy fuck this man is brilliant and I want to listen to him talk all day.

If you need it, there is an online fact sheet with a very simple explanation of the key points of the plan. This is a good thing to send to anyone who has questions.

There is also a quickie link to write a form letter to your Senators. Seriously, it takes two seconds to do. Do it. If you have ever had a problem with your health insurance, if you have ever known anyone who has had a problem with their health insurance, if you have ever known an elderly person who can't pay for all their prescriptions with the Medicare prescription allowance, do it.
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