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Requisite Hogwarts Elite post
cap, captain miss america
So, like half of my friendslist has said, hogwarts_elite is ending. This is going to be its last term. (Then, it will be returning in a ten o'clock slot amid much hoopla and/or will return to play on the Jets, and then on the Vikings.)

hogwarts_elite might be a Harry Potter community, but it is more than a Harry Potter community to those of us who are/have been members. I joined in 2005, during a particularly miserable point in my life, and the people I met then were supportive, intelligent, and wonderful, and continue to be so. I have made so many amazing friends and gotten to meet people from around the country and the world. People like cacophonesque, who is my go-to gal for New York shenanigans, and spiralstairs, who is my go-to gal for anything involving cartoons or drawing. rotae, who still does not have a nose even after spending a week with me last summer. rainy_day, who was my first H_E friend and who is amazing in all kinds of ways. phuck, who is one of the best community moderators I've ever met. pikacharma, cheshire23,opaleyes, katieupsidedown, eschatologies, kikithepirate, mel06, callmecaito, sunnyrea,skirmish_of_wit, novangia, hermintage.

I am going to forget someone so I am going to stop now because I can think of lots of people I'm not naming and that makes me feel less bad about leaving people out. But all of you have enriched and somehow improved my life over the past four years.

So. If you were an H_E member and left, or if you have never joined in spite of my wheedling, this is your last chance! Come back (or just apply the first time)! People who've been squibbed are welcome to re-apply, too!

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(Then, it will be returning in a ten o'clock slot amid much hoopla and/or will return to play on the Jets, and then on the Vikings.)


You win today, m'dear!!

*requested a return and am waiting patiently*

Edited at 2009-09-16 04:11 pm (UTC)

Huh, I've been working on an application off and on for a few months now. Maybe I'll actually finish that sucker up!

All this h_e love is making me all mushy. I LOVE EVERYONE.

Just so you know, you did not get mentioned because you were my friend anyway.

We can pretend we met because of H_e! It is even more mushy!

YAY H_E! I am looking forward to some hilarity.

... I'm so confused. Is H_E a discussion community? Is it an RPG? Do you just sort in and then have contests and stuff? WHAT IS IT AND WHAT DOES IT DO?

Sort, discussion, contests, fic and art communities, and there is an affiliated RPG but roleplaying is not part of the main community, which is mainly for Harry Potter chit chat and random socializing. People get sorted by house and then each house has their own community for the same. There are several contests per term and then a huge contest blowout called Hogsmeade once every few months where we compete in loads of contests over one weekend.

No way! I'm going to rejoin then :) Was thinking about it anyway the other day!

This is making me all mushmush too. And then I was like zomg I was mentioned heart-heart-heart (funny story, I read the list and thought I wasn't because I'm so used to my old username, but I was still mushy hearts).

I still can't believe I am nearly as much of an H_E vet as you (time wise, strictly)! It was so long long ago, and though I've drifted in and out being part of H_E was a wonderful thing and gave me so many great online friends who often keep my spirits up when I think everyone is boring and no one cares about anything.

Thanks for helping make Gryffindor what it's been to me-- which is a lot! I'm psyched to send it off in style this term. <3

Oh, fateful day of comments. I shall never forget thee! XDDDD I wonder if my nose will grow back once H_E closes?! :O


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