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The Ice Cream Diaries, #4

Today, when I went to the grocery store, I met a very nice gentleman who was a representative from “Two Moms in the Raw,” a small company in Colorado that makes organic, raw granola and crackers.

Ie turns out he was the dad of Shari, the founder and President of the company. She is a woman who was diagnosed with MS a few years ago and after her doctor put her on a raw diet to slow symptoms, she started Two Moms in the Raw. I tried their cranberry granola and their blueberry granola as well as their garden herb sea crackers, and everything I tried was delicious, so I promised him I would give them a mention. They’re not available too many places yet, unless you are in Colorado, and their price is a tad high (about $7 a bag), but if you can afford them and see them, I highly recommend them!

I’m trying another soy product today: WholeSoy & Co’s Organic Soy Frozen Yogurt. I should mention that these folks are the makers of the soy yogurt I gave the highest marks to. It cost $3.99 for a pint. They didn’t have either vanilla or mint chip, so I got Creme Caramel flavor.

WholeSoy & Co Creme Caramel Frozen Yogurt

WholeSoy & Co Creme Caramel Frozen Yogurt

It has 120 calories and only 10 calories of fat per serving– if you are looking for low fat substitutes for ice cream, it is really looking like the soy products are the winners. There are 19 grams of sugar, though, which is a bit more than many of the others. It is sweetened with Creme Caramel, Cane Juice, and Rice Syrup– no corn syrup in this one!

WholeSoy & Co Creme Caramel Frozen Yogurt Opened

WholeSoy & Co Creme Caramel Frozen Yogurt Opened

I was excited when I opened it because it has a real ribbon of caramel through the middle! It has a very mild scent that is mostly yogurty.

It is a little icier in texture than the other ice creams I’ve tried before– it sort of has the texture I would imagine from a frozen coffee frappe. The taste, however, is delicious, and this doesn’t stay icy on your tongue, it gets a bit creamier. It’s yogurt, so don’t expect the same texture you would get from ice cream. The flavor is delicious and has a hint of a maple sort of taste to it, and the caramel is delicious.

While Soy Delicious had a better, creamier texture, WholeSoy has the flavor beaten by a mile. This is just incredibly enjoyable and I want to taste their other flavors now! If you are looking for a soy based ice cream substitute, definitely try this one!

My other ice cream for this post is a regular dairy ice cream from Reed’s. They use a hormone-free dairy that has filed for organic certification. They also have their website and ask for feedback directly on the label. Here it is! It cost about $4.59 a pint.

Reed’s only makes ice cream with crystallized ginger, so they had two flavors: Ginger, and Green Tea Ginger. I got the Green Tea Ginger.

Reed's Green Tea Ginger

Reed's Green Tea Ginger

This ice cream has 260 calories per 1/2 cup serving and 170 from fat, so it’s pretty up there. It has 21 grams of sugar, also pretty high. It’s sweetened with cane sugar and has no corn products.

Reed's Green Tea Ginger Opened

Reed's Green Tea Ginger Opened

It has a really nice pale green color and a light tea scent when I open it. The ice cream is a bit harder in texture and has a very strong ginger flavor, which explained to me why it has so much sugar– because otherwise all it would taste like is ginger. The tea adds a nice, slightly bitter undertaste. It also has nice, crunchy bits of ginger in big chunks. There aren’t a ton of them– I ate several bites before I found any– but they are really good.

The only problem with this ice cream is that it is not as creamy as I like my ice creams, which is surprising when I see the fat content. But the flavor is really good.

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