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In other news, Hell Froze Over...
cap, captain miss america
I haven't seen this making the rounds here, so ganked from Daily Kos:

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The cat's bollocks have regrown. Wow. O.o

I am not sure if he is a Skrull or if he got a brain slug or WHAT.

I feel like Ashton Kutcher should pop out of my garage and tell me I just got Punk'd...

Edited at 2009-09-18 01:46 am (UTC)

I'd have to recheck my facts, but I'm fairly certain this is a sign of the Apocalypse.

I think so. It happens after the seventh trumpet is blown.

I'm surprised but not like, HORRIBLY surprised -- I get the feeling O'Reilly at least TRIES to reason the (assholish) things he thinks, unlike Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck. Or Rush Limbaugh.

I think the thing with O'Reilly is that he is secretly a lot more moderate than his show is (which is unforgivable since that means he should know better than to egg these people on), but he realized this is where the money is.

I am waiting for one of the other lovely gentlemen you mentioned to call him out as a socialist.

Yeah, I agree, I think he's a showman who likes having a show and doesn't take seriously the fact that being inflammatory actually has real-world consequences on real people. And yes, I am waiting for Hannity, Beck and Limbaugh to bag his head and drag him off to an undisclosed location for blood treachery.

"Fuck. The proles seem to like this 'public option' thing. But I'm in the pocket of the people who won't benefit from it... fuuuuuck!"
"Don't worry, Bill. It's not in the plan."
"Oh yeah? So I can later go on and talk about how the government doesn't care about people and I was right all along while still getting money from the people with all the money?"
"Fuckin' A."

(Deleted comment)
I thought it had to be taken out of context or re-edited or something,so I went and found the transcript on Lexis Nexis and he KEPT TALKING ABOUT IT. He actually said "I think it's about time we put ideology aside."

Bzuh? Bill O'Reily said something I actually agreed with? I think I need a sex change or something just to assert my identity as a deviant.

I have no idea! I think maybe he was brainwashed by Obama's speech to America's children.

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