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cap, captain miss america
i don't know why, but i have a great deal of pain just at my sternum. it doesn't feel so good and it feels like it is amplifying my heartbeat-- i mean, every time my heart beats it aggravates whatever is hurting. i've never had anything feel like this before; i hope it just goes away.

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Oh dear, medical terms... I hope I get this right.

It could be the mucous membrane (sp?) of your stomach. When that's very irritated it can happen that the... er, acids(?) rise into the gullet(??) and can cause this amplifying effect you described. Or you can have trouble breathing because of it. It can even feel like a heart attack, but it's relatively harmless. Eh... I'm no doctor but that's how Marco explained it to me when I had it.

Ah, Marco's home!

Ok, he says to ask you if you suffer from heartburn on a regular basis and if the pain was especially bad this morning. Both would be a sign that the above is indeed what it is.

He says it could be that your sternum is irritated, too. He says in that case it should hurt when you bend over or cough.

Marco says you should go to a doctor in any case. If it is the first thing, that the acids from your stomach get into your gullet, than it is relatively harmless at first, but can do serious harm when untreated for a very long period of time. But really only then.

Marco says to ask if the pain came suddenly?

yech, thanks for the tips.

umm, i have bad indigestion sometimes and i (this is embarrassing) can't always burp on my own. but i have never gotten heartburn, or at least i've never gotten this kind of pain before. it's possible that this is exactly what it is; it *did* start suddenly and while it still hurts, it subsided somewhat about 30minutes-an hour after i ate lunch. i had salmon and salad for lunch.

oy, i need to find doctors. i am having a terrible time finding doctors; i have never had to do this before. i finally found myself a gynaecologist who i am visiting on wednesday; the prospect of finding another doctor anytime soon is horrifying. should i look for specifically a stomach doctor or something else?

thanks for the info! thanks to marco too!


If that's what it is, I don't think you need a special doctor. A GP should be enough.

Erm, but as I said, I'm no doctor and neither is Marco, though he does have medical training (and an amazing knowledge about such things). So I can't guarantee (sp??) that that's what it is... Though it certainly sounds like it, especially since you say you do have bad indigestion.

I hate finding doctors, too. And actually going to see a doctor is worse. I need to find a gynaecologist in the near future. Bleeeh.

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