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A Health Reform Flyer.

quizzicalsphinx is going to a meeting on health care tonight that will be attended by a lot of very strongly anti-reform folks.

So I made a handy-dandy flyer that she can take to her meeting to pass out. A lot of the information on it is oversimplified, but it's a good start. In case any of the other folks on my friendslist are interested in going to an event and would like something to pass out.

This flyer is mainly geared at people who might not be fans of healthcare reform, explaining the problems with the health care industry as it is and dispelling some of the misconceptions about what a public option is and what it will do. So it doesn't mention single payer insurance since I think that's a much harder sell to these people and might overcomplicate the issue. It's basically a "here's why we need reform" and "here's what you may have heard that's untrue."

I left some space on the bottom to add information about your state or local insurance problems or to put contact info for your senators and representatives.

Download the flyer HERE

Here is how to use the flyer:

1) The flyer is written in Microsoft Word. You may need to reformat it to use in another program.
2) The flyer uses Arial. I used Arial because it's a pretty ubiquitous font. I prefer the way it looks in Lucida Grande, though, so if you have Lucida Grande, try reformatting it in that. If you don't have Arial, you might have to reformat things so they fit.
3) The flyer should fit on two pages. Each page has three columns. Each column has the same information in it.
4) Fill in the part for your region/state/city.
5) Print out the FIRST PAGE ONLY on however many flyers you want. *
6) Take all the first pages, and re-load them into your printer, flipping them to print on the blank back side.
7) Print out the SECOND PAGE ONLY on however many flyers you printed. You may want to do one test one to make sure you loaded the paper correctly.
8) You should have two-sided flyers now! Cut each page into three pieces along the black lines.

*If you have access to a copier that does two-sided printing, just print each page once and copy away!

If anyone needs something with slightly different information or needs help finding out where they can get information, let me know.

To get the names and phone numbers of your Senators to add to the flyer, you can use this link
To get the names and phone numbers of your representatives to add to the flyer, you can use this link
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