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Art Class and Classy Art
cap, captain miss america

Last week, I started taking Tom Hart’s comic class! It is awesome so far and I am having a lot of fun and it is most importantly making me make art every day! Wow! It is crazy like that.

Last week, my homework was to draw a comic every day that had something to do with that day. So I did! It was six comics, since Wednesday, I had class, and then the next Wednesday was class again, but all the other days I made comics! Awesome!

To see them all, click here!



Tell me if you have ideas for themes for comics or things for me to do this week and I will totes try to do some of them! Yes! Because I am running low on ideaaaaaas.

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Hee, I really liked that one. I mean, I've liked every drawing you've done, but I especially felt a connection with that one. Because it is SO TRUE for me too.

Oh, there are like six of them if you click on the little pic! Thank you!

WHAT. I click and there are more. Technology, it is strange and disturbing to me.

These are spectacularly fun!

I think it would be wonderful to do a comic based on the most bizarre thing you see that day. Like, how did this person come to be wearing yellow hot pants? Who is the person who knitted this enormous glove, and where is its mate?

I am not sure I see anything bizarre on a regular basis! If I see something bizarre I will use it, but...I guess I also see so many people wearing things like yellow hot pants every day that I don't think of it as weird?

That does tend to change your perception of yellow hot pants. Usually, I just see homemade denim hot pants, so yellow would be alarming to me. :D

I live in a neighborhood frequented by The Naked Cowboy, human statues, and people in Muppet costumes. I don't get fazed by anything anyone wears.

Ha ha, good point, indeed. :)

These little comics you did are great! I like the bacon one, the speech bubble one, but especially the feeling like you have too short of an attention span to finish drawings (that's how I am).

If you're running low on ideas because maybe nothing particularly interesting happened that day, you could do a "what if" scenario. Like "what if today one of my coworkers had been replaced a T-Rex?" or "what if I gave the finger to a Sith Lord on the street?" idk I'm just trying to get brain juices going.

One of my favorite little creative blender books I've found is The Imagineering Way. It's a book written by Disney animators, storyboardists and Imagineers who put down their ways to start the brainstorming process.

Oooh I like the what if scenarios. Yum. I am actually writing one where I have an eggplant because I don't want to draw lesbians on a train.

I really like that "what if" concept!

The comics are cute! My favorite drawing is your self-portrait where you say that you can draw.

Thanks! That is probably the best drawing out of these.

Your comics are really fun!

These are so fun! I like the dancing one. And the bacon-wrapped dates one. NOM.

I like the "what if" scenario idea that someone mentioned for ideas. You could also write about your favorite things to make with some food (apples come to mind because I have been making lots of apple pies, plus there is one on my desk). Or about crocheting hats! Or about rubber duckies! (There is also one of those on my desk.) Or about your favorite place in NYC. Or about weird internet memes, like the badger or PB&J songs.

I hope that helps. :D

I did another food one! I can draw a rubber duckie one.

Yay! Fun!

I was looking at the stuff on my desk that could be interesting. I also have a beanie baby teddy bear that has the lower half of its body in a rubber glove so we call it the septapus. And a red Swingline stapler. Do de do.

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