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The Ice Cream Diaries, #8

Today, I have more dairy ice creams.

The first is Julie’s Organic Mint Fudge ice cream. I am excited for this one because it is mint fudge and I don’t know if that is different from mint chip or WHAT! It was $3.79 a pint which makes it the cheapest ice cream so far.

Julie's Organic Mint Fudge

Julie's Organic Mint Fudge

It is sweetened with cane juice, but it does have corn starch in it. It also has eggs in it. It’s got 220 calories per serving and 120 from fat. It also has 22 grams of sugar per serving, so not exactly dieter’s ice cream right here.

Julie's Organic Mint Fudge Opened

Julie's Organic Mint Fudge Opened

The ice cream is white and appears to have a chocolate swirl through it. It smells very minty and faintly like liquor. It is very soft to spoon, and the chocolate beneath the first layer of ice cream pictured in the photograph looks much darker.

Wow! The mint is very minty, but even with all that sugar, is not as sweet as some of the other mint ice creams I’ve tried. Flavor-wise, this might be my favorite mint. The texture is nice, creamy and heavy, but not too dense to be hard to spoon.

The chocolate is nice but I would like there to be a little more of it in the ice cream, and it is a bit more like chocolate syrup than the consistency I think of when I hear ‘fudge.’

The other ice cream I am trying is not just dairy, but GOAT’S milk ice cream, and it says on its label that it is “Lactose-Friendly.” I’m not sure if that’s supposed to mean it’s friendly to people who are lactose-intolerant. The brand is LaLoo’s and the flavor is Rumplemint! It was $6.99 which is very pricey for ice cream.

LaLoo's Rumplemint

LaLoo's Rumplemint

This one is 180 calories per serving and 80 calories from fat. There are 17 grams of sugar. It is sweetened with sugar, has eggs in it, and there is dairy in the chocolate. The goats are not treated with hormones, and there are very few ingredients in this ice cream. Apart from the stuff you’d put in ice cream if you made it at home, the only ingredients are natural color, guar gum, locust bean gum, and carrageenan.

LaLoo's Rumplemint Opened

LaLoo's Rumplemint Opened

When I open it up, it is bright green and has chips! The goat’s milk gives the ice cream a really interesting flavor– almost buttery, and not as sweet as most ice creams. The chocolate in it is really good– it’s almost as good as the chocolate in the Purely Decadent ice creams, really hard, dark chips.

The LaLoo’s is delicious but at a $7 price point I think I am more likely to buy other ice creams instead. Julie’s was very good and much cheaper, although I would like fudgier fudge in it.

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