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LJ Idol?
cap, captain miss america
So I am waffling on this, because I am by nature an anti-competitive person but I like the idea of a huge group writing challenge that I can take part in and read other people's stuff and maybe be challenged to blog outside my comfort zone.

kandigurl showed this to me a few days ago and now alephz is signing up. So I guess I am in!

Here is where you sign up, too.

It would be awesome if some more of my friends did it, too!

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Good luck. Have a lot of fun! Idol can be a great experience!

Thanks! I'm not worried about luck-- I will probably continue to do the challenges if I get voted out, but it seems like a good way to throw myself out of my comfort zone. It was very sweet of you to find my post and comment!

Thank you so much for the welcome!

Welcome! Good luck and have fun!

Thank you very much for the warm welcome! I am excited!

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