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In other news
cap, captain miss america
World feels bad about not giving Obama the Olympics, comes up with consolation prize.

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That seems so weird.

I think there are a lot more people who were qualified at this time, and maybe after he's had an opportunity to do more in office he would be a better candidate. But hey, what do I know? :)

Really? It just seems a bit arbitrary to give him that. Has he made some good decisions? Sure. But nothing on terms of settling foreign disputes, other than giving unrestricted rights for Cubans to visit family in their country. :\

If they want to hand out the Peace Prize to him, I'd wait and see how he handles Afghanistan, Russia, and Iran. Like the above poster said, I'd wait at least another year on considering giving Obama a Peace Prize when we have other candidates who have done more (and spent most of their lives on working on it too).

I think that may be the best explanation I've heard proposed.

I appreciate that President Obama has had a lot to clean up in the past year, dealing with more hate and anti-government sentiment than anyone deserves, I don't think he quite deserves this. I don't blame him for receiving it, since it was the committee's decision. Granted, putting up with the ultra-conservatives' thinly veiled threats while still trying to keep up bi-partisan idealism certainly makes him look impressive.

I don't get how he deserves it. He was nominated by February 1, 2009, and he'd only been in office for a brief period of time by then. This may just be me, but I honestly think enough time has passed to declare him worth of such an honor.

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