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(no subject)
cap, captain miss america
eudora gives you a warning when you write "the fairies" in an email because the term may cause offense!

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That's really dumb. And that term is *hardly* offensive, sheesh. I can't imagine anyone realistically getting bothered by "fairies" "poof" "fruitcake" etc anymore. This isn't the 1800s anymore, we have much stronger words now...

But then, Eudora is silly that way.

Hahaha. That's just too funny.

Really, tea, how could you! I feel so offended!

Um, is there a reason why "the fairies" could be offensive? I mean, does it have a double meaning or something?

yeh, a "fairy" is a derogatory term for a gay man-- derogatory in the sense that i think it made some six year olds cry and i have quite a few friends who refer to themselves as "fairy queens."


Hm, I think that's a rather cute term, actually...

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